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Irredeemable and Invincible Samsung fail Drax looks like... Destroying a superior life form. Am I supposed to root for these morons? View all posts >


Evil is a point of view. Is it evil to wipe out the threat that is trying to wipe you out? To be fair they started the war..I don't know if we know the reasoning behind that..did it see humans as a threat? Or was Skynets objective to like..to minimize human harm and that's real easy if there are no humans around..just gotta get over that first hump. Everyone who is intellectually honest admit they are an "agnostic atheist" or "agnostic theist" since no one actually knows, and probably could not know, I just don't bother...if you believe in god you're a theist, if not, an atheist, simple. I'm a firm atheist so I could very well say "convinced there is not a god". Anjelica Huston was 39 when Witches was released in 1990. Anne Hathaway will be 38 when the 2020 version is released. Aka Dr Tongue Thankfully you can cover up those break outs...with a mask. The intimidation factor. Not to us as viewers but to the rest of the thugs. You don't want to fuck with someone who'll mutilate you if you're in his way. I heard it yes. I don't know if it's confirmed. Done..only 10 issues but a really solid read..hope the Netflix adaptation is good. Jupiter's Legacy is a new one for me, I'll check it out right now..cheers for the recommendation. Politically I'm left on some questions and right on others. I'd say center with a lean to the left. Not the BLM/Feminist/HBTQ/triggered left though. Religiously I'm not convinced of a god, making me an Atheist. Economically I think capitalism is our best current option, but it needs to be regulated so the wealth is more evenly distributed. View all replies >