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I have NO problem admitting it !!!! And once I recommend it to somebody and they watch it they have no problem either ! Totally underrated movie ! Whenever this movie comes up in conversation the person I'm speaking to has either never heard of it or loves it. When Wonka got to their native land he basically hit the mother load. He basically found an entire race completely vulnerable to the Whangdoodles, the Hornswogglers, and the Snozzwangers and willing to do anything for anybody who would be willing to take them away from there. So Wonka, being the sadistic and evil opportunist that he is, told them they could come and live in his factory, no problem. Little did they know, as soon as he got them in the factory he immediately had them bound and chained in the secret dungeon fortress below his factory. He then proceeded to feed them nothing but water and bread until they agreed to comply upon his terms of residency. The main term consisted of a slave labor obligation in his chocolate factory for life. They are each awarded one chocolate bar a day. If escape is attempted or any disorderly behavior is experienced the offending Oompa is immediately shipped back to the native land and fed to the Whangdoodles, the Hornswogglers, and the Snozzwangers. BECAUSE IT GAVE HIM A CHANCE TO GET OUT OF THAT DISGUSTING HOUSE FOR A DAY !!!!!! I think it would have felt much better paced if the terribly boring "Cheer Up Charlie" song was taken out. That whole scene with the song and talking to his mother just puts the whole movie into a dreary blah mood. Who wants to hear that song and see some kid wander around on a street ? Absolutely ! Beth knew exactly what she was doing ! I think it would have been perfect if they would have had a quick scene showing Beth and her fellow band members throwing each other high fives in a “mission accomplished” type of way right after Mavis left the naming party. Beth proves she can be an even bigger sadistic b***h than the high school prom queen. Do any of the other characters in Stand By Me appear in any other Stephen King book ? omg ! All of that happened in the book ? I almost wish I hadn't read this. It puts such a darkness on the whole thing. And the kids even did it without weapons !!! The adult victims were running away from the *WEAPONLESS* children - and the adults even had a fireplace poker in their hand ! Uh, I guess somebody needed to tell the adults that they're allowed to beat the hell out of somebody who breaks into your house. You don't have to jump out of a window and run into the woods ! But I guess if somebody shows up in a scary mask then you just run away from them - even if they're kids who don't even have weapons (and you do). Totally laughable movie ! ha - that would have actually been more interesting than anything in this script. Marion Ross (Mrs Cunningham on Happy Days) View all replies >