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Agree 100%. And by the time that it’s really getting used it’s more than an hour into the movie and you STILL haven’t seen King Kong which makes that dreadful slo-mo even harder to watch. oh wow - It actually works better than I expected. Thanks for sharing that. I still prefer 'Ooh Child'. He's gonna become some bully's bitch in youth prison. To me, it's obvious. And again, I'm not saying I think he's gay because he's cowardly. That's not a characteristic I associate with gay men, and that's not what made me bring this up. I'm saying it because he has a bow in his hair and a limp wrist - both of which ARE characteristics associated with gay men. Honestly, my guess is that when making the movie - in 1939 - the filmmakers were trying to come up with characteristics to be associated with somebody who was cowardly. And being in 1939, the stereotypical characteristics which were associated with gay men by douche guys in the film industry seemed to be a good way to best exaggerate cowardness. Again, keep in mind this is 1939. They were probably saying "Just have him act like a queer guy !" ok, you basically just restated the general storyline. I have no idea why you felt the need to do that in this thread. I never said I didn't understand the story. Again, I never said I thought he was gay because he was cowardly. I thought he was gay because he had a limp wrist and bows in his hair. I would think those two characteristics are more connected to gayness than cowardness. Very good explanation. 😂 I totally agree - shamefully unfunny. I remember the expectations when it first came out were off the charts. It was the perfect blend of combining original SNL folks (whose movie careers were still somewhat hot) along with the next wave of SNL by using Martin Short. So the anticipation was huge. The three of them also appeared together on SNL to promote it. I remember seeing it in the theater with friends and all we were talking about right afterwards was how bad it was - and I think that was about the last time we talked about it since it had nothing memorable. Looking back on it now, I think this was the movie where you really could see the first signs of Chevy Chase proving how he could be very UNfunny. I don't think he had a single moment in this movie which made me even come close to laughing. He was already in some terrible movies before this. But his career just continued on a downward spiral from here. First of all, let me say up front that I know this is not supposed to be viewed as though it is the "same" character as TDK per se. I know that we are supposed to view this as a different reality than TDK etc. And I did not enter this movie with the intent of viewing it as a "prequel" to TDK. But having said that, one of the things which really appealed to me at the end of the movie was how WELL it worked as a prequel to TDK. (in a way). I really thought this character applied perfectly to Ledger's Joker. To me, this was the perfect beginning to the same character. He still has vulnerability and humanity. He still has kindness deep in his heart. He is just now seeing the decay of society. But he likes it, and it goes well with the arrival of his insanity. Then jump forward several years to TDK and he has become completely numb to humanity and any kind of hope towards society. He now just wants to contribute to the complete decay and anarchy. So, my point of all of this is that I think it is inevitable to call Ledger's Joker more evil - but only because it is a proper evolution of the same character. It's not like it's a different "interpretation" of the same character. It's the same character who has continuously declined and completely lost any kind of mercy or humanity. I think it even enhances TDK in a way, painting more of a picture of how/why Ledger's Joker would get to the point where he hated society so much and thrived upon anarchy. View all replies >