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Jake had a point about the teacher RIP Darlanne Fluegel Rollergirl must have had some seriously stinky feet Things I learned from Fargo Forget the movie A corrupt piece of garbage Michael Jackson just LOVED children!! No arrest, prosecution or jail time for criminal Jussie With few exceptions, women aren't funny View all posts >


Thought of a couple more... when Dirk and Reed are arguing with the record producer to get their tapes before playing, the producer says "that's not MP, that's YP. Your problem!". Reed says something like "look, I don't understand all this industry jargon, YP, MP, stuff like that." When Dirk is at the pool party and meets The Colonel, The Colonel says "Jack says you got a really big cawk. May I see it?" Dirk's hesitant, asks "really?" "Please". Diggler pulls down his trunks, The Colonel looks down for a few seconds, looks back up.... "well thank you Eddie!" My theory is that she banged her husband in high school, college, whatever, got knocked up, married the guy and Eddie/Dirk was the personification of the mistake that effed up her life so she took it out on him. Or she was just like a fair amount of women who hate their sons. Felt bad for Jane.... she's always been my favorite and I always thought she was so damn cute. Still is. To hear that she thought about killing herself a lot bummed me out. Gina was great as you say. I was surprised how good Charlotte Caffey looked. One more thing, I was surprised to learn that Kathy Valentine just started playing bass on the fly. She had some great lines and I would have figured she was a bass player from the start. I was also glad to see the input from Miles and Stewart Copeland. I saw the Go-Go's open for the Police in 1982. They were great. Yep that pretty much sums it up. Well, it is a nice ass. Yeah, I got a thing for Jewish girls and their hook noses. And she's got a nice body, great ass. For me it’s a toss up between this and Married to the Mob. I would throw a barrage of tongue darts at her dirt star. She's cute, but too skinny for my tastes. I do like that she came out of Andie McDowell's snatch. It really grew on me as I watched it. View all replies >