Jimsalabim's Replies

i didn't like Cage at all in this movie like most of you did. that screaming part was totally not believable and his cheesy lines were beyond cringe worthy. There was almost no story, or development of characters going on. No interest in what was going to happen, besides being totally predictable. I really loved The neon demon, audio visual in the same category, but this one just didn't touch me i think the girl's soul was mixed with the paimon soul.. and they both got released when she was killed... she was free again, and therefore we can hear her real version as in a scared little girl, who was trapped with this paimon soul i never look at the "most helpful" comments, those are the 10* (fake) reviews or the 1* troll reviews. I select on "most recent" that skips most fake reviews and gives a better reality to how it is. i tend to believe writers more if they give positive and negative points usually between 5 and 9 * Why would Joan refer to Charly when she's speaking to Peter. Because Charly = Paimon, there is no other reason than that i think. Paimon was raised as a female child called charly, and now is in a male version which he prefers. What i don't understand is why Peter (now Paimon) acts confused when entering the treehouse sacrificial room. I would expect a more sinister and evil look from him as in, now i'm ready to utilize my powers and destroy/conquer this world. are you kidding me? there are a lot of negative reactions from ppl who came back from the theatres and expressing their negative emotions about this movie. it's not a review site (which are not always to be trusted) but just ppl commenting on a movie. It was borderline laughable towards the end. i've never been that disappointed with an ending like in this movie. Paid reviews of course, or are you that naive?