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Again, you're taking it out of context - I couldn't care less how Trump or anyone else looks like, trust me. In the context (the joke about making 'the White House white again') it was supposed to be a humorous remark about how 'white' is not the skin colour the president is flaunting. That's all. P.S.: I think making a remark about his tan is less 'anti-progressive' than him rating women based on how they look?... Just me? I didn't make fun of him being white which is what 'skin colour' in Obama's case would mean - quite the opposite. 'Orange' is not a natural skin colour - it's a fashion choice, not something he was born with (unlike Obama). And you're taking it out of context as well, Burk. Sorry if you find it offensive, though. Glad to see there are people here who don't rely on insults to get a point across lol You're sane people, Markdown and Burk. I agree. Philip deFranco has a saying about these kind of situations: it's 'using your feelings as facts'. Which is what a lot of people are doing - thinking that because they FEEL a certain way it must be a well known fact... Most people who do that, though, fail to see things from a different perspective. If a racist person came forward and they said they 'feel like asian people are a burden' people wouldn't stand for that. But when someone gets 'offended' by some thing someone said and they FEEL they have been mistreated in any way, they expect the rest of the world to agree with them... It's true we need to make sure women feel safe when discussing their abuse. But it's not up to us, the public, to give punishments or make decisions. It's the authorities who should deal with this - not Twitter. That's fair. I said 'alleged' because so far he hasn't been jailed for any of those accusations, but that's just the opinion I formed on him reading about all of that. I wouldn't like to come forward as a woman and claim I have been abused and have people laugh in my face or worse, you know? I think ambien was making a point about how there have been plenty of white men that held the office but the left wasn't so revolted as is now. So the idea that the left hates Trump because he is a white man is a bit of a stretch. There might be people hating him because he is a white male, but those people are not representative of the left or what liberalism stands for (pretty much against it). Hear hear. I wouldn't even consider myself a center left person lol I support most liberal and socialist ideas and practices. But I find myself in the center because there are delusional people out there on both sides that just push reasonable thinking people there. In the end, there will not even be a matter of left and right. It will be a case of delusional crazies vs sound minded people, I swear lol I understand where you're coming from - especially with the interviewer case. With Ivanna's confessions I would have to disagree because many women came forward saying he acted inappropriately towards them. So it's not just an ex that was sour because of a break up - it's many alleged instances where Donald Trump groped, touched etc. women without their consent or talked to them in an inappropriate manner. That's the opinion I formed on his character based on the words of his alleged victims. As I said, though, he could act as crazy as he wants. There have been nasty presidents before - JFK was rumored to abuse Jackie as well. My biggest problem with him being president is still him lacking any expertise in any field related to politics (aside from media manipulation, of course). No matter where we stand on political matters, I think we can all see when someone is just bulshitting lol View all replies >