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Is anyone a bit peeved that they didn't show the heist taking place? Such a waste of good boobies... Severed limbs, vomit, vomit with bugs in it, diarrhea, lesbian sex, naked Steven Weber.... I wonder if anyone was playing Tex Murphy while writing this script? Not terrible, but....meeeehhhhh! All problems would have been solved with a good ol' fashioned threesome Star Wars meets LOTR underwater with a splash of Power Rangers and Blade Runner just for S&G Dee Wallace kicked ass in this movie Venom & An American Werewolf In London Only came here because.... View all posts >


That's what came to my mind after that scene. It's creepy seeing the woman show up in the cemetery and in town, also the toy soldier and the bits with Nathaniel were scary. That scene, however, is pretty laughable nowadays. I wasn't singing that tune when I was 7 years old though, lol. Yeah, King has a knack for writing completely unlikeable characters, not exactly a bad thing but it becomes a bit redundant after a while. All I remember about the short story is Burt hiding from the kids and saying "thank god I quit smoking" over and over. I think it looks ugly and has terrible acting. I can appreciate the time it came out but there were already better horror movies at the time. It's just a crap movie overall, I don't hate it but it's nothing special. I'm a 31 yo male and for some reason I didn't feel emotional watching this as a kid. I watched this a few years ago after 15-20 odd years and the tears just came out of me and I couldn't control it. I'm sure all the guys on the set that day were pitching tents. It's a macguffin that serves as a plot device for the finale. I always skip ED 2 when I watch them, too goofy for me overall even if there are some hilarious moments. I like the first one the best and then AOD second. I've read it, thought it was alright-ish. A lot of unnecessary smut and mellow drama that just seems awkward. I remember Ellen fantasizing about her panties being wet and the cool breeze blowing up her skirt getting her off. Got a good laugh at that lol. 'You ain't go one thing on here I ordered, not a beach umbrella, not a sun lounger" View all replies >