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They should make a movie like this about Hillary What if Billy Dee Williams played Two Face in this? Why do people think this movie is called "Chucky"? What if this movie had used different villains? Stallone Best Actor Oscar Snub? If his conviction is overturned on appeal What if Jonathan Demme had directed this? Would this have been more successful if Bruce Willis Oscar Snub Who should play Harry Osborn in a future MCU Spider-Man film? View all posts >


He'd also be facing an Identity Theft charge for stealing his therapist's ID badge. Barbara and Susan(Ali's friends from Part I) haven't appeared yet, either. I thought Bruce Willis's performance was far more Oscar worthy than Travolta's. How about opposite Tom Holland? good choice! I'm pretty sure that choking can kill someone. I disagree. Kreese choked Johnny. Johnny could have died if not for Miyagi's intervention. In Episode 9 of Cobra Kai, Johnny described the incident as Kreese trying to kill him, so I would argue that Kreese was guilty of 2nd Degree Attempted Murder. I wasn't talking about if the show had gone this route. I was talking about what would have happened in an alternate universe where Robby joined Cobra Kai instead of Miyagi Do Karate. I know. I really despise how they weakened Daniel's character in this movie. Daniel whining on the mat about how he is afraid and wants to go home makes no sense at all because: 1. In the previous film, Daniel won a DEATH MATCH against a Japanese Karate Master. Daniel should not be afraid of some punk kid in some kiddy tournament after this. Daniel should have returned to America Strong, Assertive, Confident, and able to stand up for himself and fight his own battles and hold his own against opponents. 2. It was also out of character for Daniel. For example, in the first film, after Bobby injured his leg, Daniel asks Miyagi to fix leg for him so he can continue fighting, saying that if he doesn't go on, he will never have balance in life. Daniel is adamant about continuing, and doesn't cry about wanting to go home despite his injured leg. Another example, In Part 2, Daniel fights Chozen to the death. Daniel is willing to put his life on the line and does not back down from the fight. Daniel in the first 2 films is a kid who refused to back down with things got tough, a major contrast to the version of Daniel that we see in Part III. I think that Haim would be a bit young. I think that Howell would have been perfect for the role of Baby if the film had been made in the 80s. View all replies >