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Read again, your own comment too. I agree with you. That said, this belongs to the Political board. Not sure that'd be valid, since <spoiler>Harrison Ford is a replicant too</b> <blockquote>What this bubble does is insulate you from being a grown up. That's why these shitty moves from Disney are so dangerous. They're sabotaging the very magic of what makes the series special.</blockquote> Exactly. These kind of movies represent a break you take, a moment you just let it go. When you have to be paying attention to how they try to inject their agenda to evangelize you... that just screws the momentary feeling of abandonment, which is the biggest (lost) asset in those movies. And I don't see that this can be easily recovered. At the end of the day, it's a matter of <b>TRUST</b>: you let the writer guide you, compel you, drive your emotions... <i>and you expect in return that he won't use it to sell any gospel</i>. Once the trust is lost... it's damn hard to recover it. <blockquote>Why do people ignore??? It's fun troll each other ..Is it not???</blockquote> Trolling ◀====== ======▶ Insulting <blockquote>Unfortunately, paper ballet counts can also be 'hacked' so to speak</blockquote> It's much more difficult to 'hack' paper ballots. While there's no perfect system, there's still a huge difference. <blockquote>journalism on the whole was a bit more credible and same goes for reviews. we live in the era of fake news, and this is largely to the fact that corporations/sponsors have a lot more financial leverage on newspapers and websites</blockquote> It's a logical consequence: the customer is always right, and the customer is whoever pays the product. When people bought newspapers, they were the customers. Nowadays, big corporations are the customers. There are two options: <b>1.</b> Everything becomes boring sooner or later. Your favorite movie, your favorite music, your favorite girlfriend... there's a moment when it's not the same as before. <b>2.</b> The franchise has been burnt out. Even though the original movies haven't been changed... its narrative universe has. One basic element in storytelling is the ability to keep <b>immersion</b>, to make you feel that those characters are real, that they live in a fantasy but someway real universe. The more the franchise becomes a joke, the more you are aware that the characters are just puppets and the universe depends on the whim of the writer, the more difficult is to maintain the immersion... <i>even in the old movies</i>. <blockquote>Because while it may seem colder in your area, it's warmer on average everywhere.</blockquote> That has been happening for more 3 centuries. Yeap, but here he comes again. At the end of the day, the new boss is no that different from the old boss. In the meanwhile, I would really like to see some <b>realistic</b> portrayal of some Ancient societies. Instead of that, you have either the traditional only-heterosexual version, or (going to the opposite side) the modern effeminated version (like Assassin's Creed or this one, you can watch the trailer ). Ancient societies were more open-minded with regard to gay relationships... but that doesn't mean that people were effeminate, quite the contrary. And the relations didn't follow modern 'romantic love' pattern, they were actually closer to a mentor one. I'd like to see that. I'd like to see <b>history</b>. I'd like to see something close to what really was. Of course, no way. Old boss, new boss, all just wanna inject their agenda. 🤨 Christians shouldn't complain. They should produce a movie about sissy ex-pres Obama sucking big white dongs, to pay back the delicacy 😆 Not only that. If he had seriously prepared the story, he wouldn't be in this situation. Abrams always does the same: he creates a 'mystery box' with many possibilities... without giving much though how those possibilities actually work in a story. That 'mystery box' looks great on paper, but the moment you develop them, you realize <b>most of the stories don't work</b>. A good story is like a clockwork mechanism. Chances are it won't work unless you've thought carefully about it, or unless you have a lucky day. Abrams just throws possibilities without much thought... and later on, working with that and trying to find a good story there is a pain in the ass. By then, though, he usually has jumped to a new ship. This time, Disney told him to be back and fix his shit. He's reaping what he sowed. Nope. KK is no creative. She's a glorified secretary. Probably a good one, or at least a willing one, but she has zero talent as a creator. The decision to make a series to focus in D+ is an executive one. From there, you'll have creatives proposing different drafts, or perhaps 'borrowing' them. It's up to executives to greenlight them and to define conditions (like budget limitations, or like forced 'diversity' or 'feminism'), sometimes controlling for good, other times screwing the final product. Her only non-executive role according to iMDB is being one of the dancers in this scene:, that gives you an idea about her "creative" skills. <blockquote>"‘The Mandalorian’ was Kathleen Kennedy’s idea says Disney film chief Alan Horn</blockquote> The Mandalorian is 100% credited to John Favreau as creator. KK is just credited as executive producer. Nothing out of usual. It's xmas, that time in the year where the streets get covered with snowflakes :-) I don't know if there's a way or there's no way, so I'm just checking it here with a quick poll. I understand that The Power of Belief and True Woke Faith has become trendy last years, but I'm more 'old-fashioned' and traditionalist, and by that I mean skeptic, so I'd rather test. 😊 ■ <i> You exhibit every trait in the far, far left radical activists</i> Nope. ■ <i>except from a far, far right point of view</i> Neither. I'm not even right-wing. I identify myself with what used to be European center-left during the 60s. ■ <i>You even wrote that the people with political views different from yours are so different as to be a new culture</i> That's a lie. I didn't write that. I wrote that wokeness is a new system of values, a new cultural core. It's <b>not</b> a set different political views. It's a complete set of non-western new core values. It's not a matter of grade. Muslims, for example, don't have political views that are <i>so different from ours</i>, they just have a different set of core values. ■ <i>they can only lash out at perceived slights that the other 90% of us don't care about.</i> Except people <b>care</b>. A few days ago, those people you say don't care gave Boris Johnson absolute majority in UK. ■ <i>Stop and realize that the world is fine</i> Actually, western countries are in heavy decline. We have reached the point where a generation is gonna live <b>worse than their parents</b>. That didn't happen in western countries during the last centuries, it didn't happen even after the WW2. It's happening <b>now</b>. ■ <i>no amount of worrying or pontificating about non-existent aggressions against you is doing anything other than keeping you in a perpetually angry state</i> I'm not angry, actually I use to be the one that uses to be insulted in this forum, not the one who insults. I am realistic, though, which is a different thing. Good thing about long movies in TV is that you can watch them in several parts. Have you seen the Lord of the Ring 4 hour long extended versions in one sit? They <b>can't</b> make a remake, I mean, a rewoke until both Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale (screenwriter) allow it. Or until they're dead. <blockquote>Back to the Future remake? Over my dead body, says Robert Zemeckis. The director of the original time-travelling trilogy won't allow the film to be rebooted in his lifetime </blockquote> According to Zemeckis: “<i>That can’t happen until both Bob and I are dead. And then I’m sure they’ll do it</i>" Yeap. Star Wars works when the story remains simple, like a fairytale. Lucas already tried to complicate the plot with the trade stuff in the prequels and it didn't work. But it's Jar Jar Abrams trying to make an ending chapter instead of the usual mystery box first movie. He's an one-trick man, and here he's desperate. Ommadawn is my all-time favorite album 😄 I don't know where to draw the line when it comes to Oldfield's influence, it's more like a feeling. It seems that music is either too close, so it's considered a copy (Rob Reed, Zinn), or the influence is vague and blends into a more generic cross-prog approach. I never found an artist that manages to get <i>close but not too close</i>. I hope Reed will be that guy... eventually. --- If you never listened to Engel, give him a try. Sadly, he gave up after the first album. And another little jewel I found in youtube