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And there use to be some problematic character in the scientists team. That character is wrong, toxic, and psychologically troubled. That character is always a white male. That's another race-defined role. In Hollywood, hooker's clients are always white males. Good catch. Right now, Disney owns the rights, and the change has been done under their watch. If Lucas claims that change, that's a different story. Until then, it keeps being a change made by Disney. And every scientist team leader working with the military and advising them, they're all black women too. In Hollywood you only can play certain roles is you have the appropriate race and gender. It's another change. In 2012 version, Greedo shot first. Now Greedo says 'Maclunkey!' and Han shoots. Disney has reedited it. I miss Red Letter Media here... Early colonization was primarily English, secondarily German, and in a minor degree, Dutch. French went mostly to Canada, and Spanish went to Center and South of the continent. Irish barely arrived until the Great Famine, end of XIXth century. And Africans formed a separated culture/nation. Until the XXth century, US contained two nations/cultures: one resulting from blending English and German ones, and the other one derived from African slaves. One trick to be right is to be able to readapt when you're not. With the exception of the last paragraph, which is debatable, I think you're right (and informative) in the rest of the comment. I became interested in Wendy Carlos after listening to her take on Bach. I got (ahem) her discography, and there was a CD that was some kind of audio-documentary, introducing and explaining how each song is made. Perhaps you can be interested: https://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Synthesis-Wendy-Carlos/dp/B0000026FV View all replies >