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Is United States Broke? Barr earns his skidmarks Win-Win-Win for Trump: Mar-A-Lago Quarantine Zone You "Libertarians" Cool with Habeus Corpus? Senator Cornyn Food-Shames Tennessee... Mike Pence's Replacement... So if we are at war and Trump is a wartime president... WINNING! Mar-a-Lago kitchens won't close! Do you consider Arabs to be "White?" Do you like the way we do primaries? View all posts >


I'm down with Trump bailing out General Motors, US Steel, Exxon, any corporations with hard physical assets within US borders. Cruise ships, not so much. Maybe he can use his new Generalissimo powers to confiscate foreign ownership of our natural resources, iron mines, oil fields, timber, ranch land, etc. Do you say "I asked upon chilidoggg a question" as some sort of invented affected speech to impress middle school girls to get in the back seat of your tractor? "Up Yours?" General Berger probably had an ancestor in Andersonville... I don't want to die. Fetch me Ned Beatty. Remember when Robert Mueller came back from Vietnam and threw away his purple heart? This stimulus bill is a waste of money - the landlord bailout. A cheaper response would be a 2-month, 3-month moratorium on evictions. And maybe allowing everyone food stamps. What the hell else are you going to spend money on today? And if you don't have enough credit on your VISA to get you through 6 months (heaven forbid you have 6 months of savings in the bank,) well, experience keeps a dear school. There's a suburb city called Alhambra just east of Los Angeles. The demographics are basically 45% Mexican and 45% Chinese/Taiwanese. They've got flags on all their streetlights proclaiming "Diversity Is Our Strength." That's your future, USA. BTW Alhambra was in the news the first week of February because the kids made a petition to close the schools. Turns out they were right. Why don't we just disband ICE and give Betsy Devos's freak brother the $trillion stimulus money and he can deploy his black ops army of the undead to round up all the illegals. Problem solved in 12 months. Who am you to be done axing questions upon nobody? View all replies >