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Trump and Vance are leaning into the "Forgotten Men" thing again... “I’m sure this guy is going to be great on immigration.” Shortly after Trump announced Monday that Vance would be named as his running mate, far-right activist Jaden McNeil on X shared an undated picture of the Vances and their newborn child on a post captioned: “I’m sure this guy is going to be great on immigration.” "You're trying to justify 20'000 meaningless posts." Is this a Euro thing, "20'000?" In USA we do "20,000." Using cash is the easiest way to keep yourself on a budget. You pull $x dollars out of the ATM and put it in the cookie jar on Sunday and and when you get to Saturday and still have money you treat yourself. Jamie Lee Curtis? "I had a strong mother who acceled in everything she done" Lemmee guess: you were home-schooled... but "in the trunk" is OK? Thank you for that information. This is from the quotes section on IMdB: Albert Einstein: [Referring to Teller's calculations that there's a possibility that a chain reaction might not stop and subsequently destroy the Earth] Well, you'll get to the truth. J. Robert Oppenheimer: And if the truth is catastrophic? Albert Einstein: Then you stop and you share your findings with the Nazis so neither side destroys the world. IIRC that was NOT the exchange in the film. Was it really Einstein's opinion that Oppenheimer should share his (Oppenheimer's) information with the Germans? I forget what stage of research they were at in the project and I'm not watching this again. She's worthless. Fewer blacks turned out for her than they did for Hillary, same with the 2022 midterms. Her next job will be overnight security at Popeyes. This Carolyn Johnson woman has a Facebook page... It doesn't mention anything about criminal charges or plea deals... Intro Human Resources Manager (HR Manager) at Pearl River foods Studied at Owerri, Imo Studied at Kosciusko Senior High School Studied at Tougaloo College Lives in Kosciusko, Mississippi From Kosciusko, Mississippi She still has her job! View all replies >