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What was the loss? (Spoiler...?) Is This What Ford vs Ferrari Remake? He should do Song of the South Trump was right! Saturday Night Live Davey and Goliath Looking for a special screening in Los Angeles Special Screenings October 2019 Lower Medicare Eligility to Age 64 --OR--- Were they in Sicily? There's a post here from 16 years ago... View all posts >


40 Years 1981 to 2020 (next election.) Democrats controlled President, House, and Senate 4 years. GOP controlled President, House, and Senate 8 years. No one runs for reelection promising that he will bring less pork to his district or state. Roots I agree Ishtar is not a classic movie, but when I saw it on video about a year after its release, I thought it was funny enough, nowhere near as awful as everyone said it was... Leaving Las Vegas sequel "c'mon, internet, spit on it!" Any cover of any Bob Dylan song. Every cover done by Peter Paul and Mary, and by Annie Lennox. Tax Freedom Day published by taxfoundationdotorg has come later every year since 1979. Makes you think... The 'real' boy whose there with the real white boy and girl with Uncle Remus. Is his name Toby? The Watcher In The Woods? The Black Hole? Powder? Django Unchained Dallas Buyers Club Midnight In Paris Toy Story 3 View all replies >