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How Did the Brits Ever Rule the World? [SOLVED] Rum, sodomy, and the lash.,,-1433,00.html 1980's You're looking so thin these days, are you doing speed? Really? One-third? What was it before Biden became President? "They dictate the prices, the marketplace has to pay them or be out of essential goods and services." Pick one stupid argument and stick to it. I heard you the first three times. The price of any good or service will be whatever the market will bear. There ain't no such thing as altruism. Are they printing t-shirts that say on the back "If you can read this, the fag fell off." Does this mean you're ditching your Village People "Leatherman" outfit for cosplay Saturdays? If corporations can recover every cent of every type of tax they pay by raising prices, why would they object to paying higher income taxes? Yes, the conservatives never talk about the side of the Laffer Curve where rates are too low. They only talk about the side when rates are too high and Mitt Romney's dividend checks are just going to stay in bed. "JFK cut the high tax rates in the 90% rates" When did this happen? View all replies >