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When your lawyers suck so much they testify against you. Blame the hormones? Guns for me, but not for you. Legal Eagle explains Trump's potential indictment. When does the line move next? Stormy Daniels pushes back. Two jerks turn on each other Two jerks turn on each other. Not privy to Putin's invasion plans. Entertaining, but..... View all posts >


Trump did not release his tax returns. The IRS did release them to Congress though. https://www.cbsnews.com/live-updates/trumps-tax-returns-released-today-2022-12-30/ I think the word is out. Trump does not like to pay people when they work for him. The good lawyers like to be paid. Other lawyers might be willing to take a risk. Perhaps these lawyers are willing to work closely with Trump and be his co-conspirator in order to keep the money coming in. Nothing wrong with golf, there is everything wrong with lying about whether or not you will play golf while president. How can Biden legally stop you from buying an A-10? Trump sure plays lots of golf. He said he would be too busy to play golf while president, but he had plenty of time on the course anyway. Based on what? Number of guns grabbed or on some other metric? Which EO was it? https://www.federalregister.gov/presidential-documents/executive-orders How did Obama f**k the sick by prohibiting insurance companies from denying care to those with pre-existing conditions? The impeachments were successful, in that they actually happened. The Senate failed to convict. I disagree. The German naval officers and crew were not required to be nazi party members. As far as I know, the only nazi on the boat was the young man who was in proper uniform for the first part of the film. He was the young officer who complained to the captain about being pissed on the by crew as they passed them on the road. In this film, the German u-boat crew are the protagonists, but not heroes. Remember TrumpCare? https://www.medicaresupplement.com/coverage/what-is-trumpcare/ The GOP controlled Congress did not want it. I don't think Trump really wanted it either. I think the only part about TrumpCare that Trump liked was that it would double the number of uninsured people in the USA. You know, f**k the poor, Trump style. View all replies >