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How do you compromise on a wall? Pelosi knocking it out of the park. Trump using the bully pulpit soon. They finally make a good transformers movie... Sounds like "the Happening" What convinced you that Trump was the one to lead this country? Christmas eve for an aging bachelor. My favorite scene in the movie. Matt Dillon-Haven't seen him in anything in a long time. An actual good transformer movie? View all posts >


I want to say no. But I have my doubts about the ability of Democratic candidates to appeal to enough people to defeat him. I don't know what you mean. It's pretty rad. I want to be woke so I guess Ill go with Gilette from now on. Yeah. Talk about a perjury trap. Poking around a guys affairs and personal life until you catch him in a lie. She's awful pretty and she's a good actress. They were wise to cast her. I thought Daniel Day Lewis was really great in Lincoln. they wouldn't understand the concept, so no, taking over the world is not something that motivates them. Most humans aren't into taking over the world either. The vast majority, I'd say. animals will rip your guts out and eat you alive. Nature is nothing like a Disney movie. they just don't care. they don't concern themselves with such things like we do. What? I thought congress was just not passing a bill for new borrowing and spending to fund the government for this year, so there's not enough money to pay all of the federal workforce. Not sure how they pay the people who are getting checks despite the shutdown. They have to do this every year, but because there is such a sharp division over whether to pay for Trump's wall or not, they can't get a bill passed. We have a divided government right now, with a Republican Senate and President and Democratic House, which is something that's not really possible in the UK, is it? Strange? That usually makes me more interested in seeing a film. View all replies >