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I misinterpreted the Bruce Lee scene. Had no idea she was a member of the Carradine clan! Six of the nine Dayton victims were black. Quit trying to claim the shooter's support of Warren was a motive. Different kind of movie. Trump lies impeded the investigation. I was satisfied with the ending of Watchmen What's the recent tragedy? Would you go out with a stand up comedian? So is Trump's overt racism a draw for you if you support him? Long Ass Movie View all posts >


It didn't confuse me. I guess he wanted to intertwine the stories, cut back and forth between them. What's the Yin to his Yang? Women can do anything a man can do! Not interested unless the original versions are available. No. Though it might be in Trump's case. The Thing '82 scared the heck out of me. It probably helped that I was a kid at the time. Horror movies don't affect me as much today. Cancer. Damn, that's just sad. This being a meme on the right is just further proof of their misogyny an racism. I find that the time I go to the movies makes a big difference. If you can go to Matinees when there aren't big crowds, it helps. Cut the department of defense. View all replies >