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I just can't take Paul Rudd seriously. Should children occupy our leadership positions? Slacker? Hard to find. Two things annoyed me about this version of Jason Looks like... He just wants to be loved! The whole red herring with Ben Tramer... I've got a pimple on my lip. Just rewatched this and Sporks death still choked me up. View all posts >


Taylor was the acting ambassador to the Ukraine, and the right wingers here act like he was some outsider who's just speculating on these things. He was talking to Trump admin officials. Clearly, these are threads worth following. I agree. It's unusual for a serial killer to just stop Not good for this kind of movie. I thought she killed herself after they graduated. Read it in On Writing, possibly. "The Curse of the Cat People (1944)" All those Val Lewton horror movies of the forties are worth a watch. Lol. I'll boycott comic book movies before I do that. I can't wait to see the Irishman. She's a kid. If you're not a teenager, you're sick in the head. It was pretty bad. Not as bad as the sequel, though. I thought the story was fine. Ancient Aliens visiting earth and leaving behind artifacts seems like a mission for Indy. Too much CGI, I agree. Cate Blanchett made a fine villain. Shia LaBouf as Mutt was annoying. Overall it didn't have as many memorable moments that the best Indy movies had, Raiders and Last Crusade, had. Those funny moments and thrilling action sequences weren't as good. I agree with J-Crush. View all replies >