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Opening Day Been a few years since his last movie. Given up? She's not one of the kids in America! Fastest turnaround for a sequel? Are the kids into SW, or is it the adult fans that are driving the box office at this point? The sliced ham I bought tasted a little off. Waterworld! Why don't you see much of him these days? UK goes Tory (conservative) in a big way. A bad sign for Dems in the US? Why would you make a movie called "the Room" today? View all posts >


The Beatles The White Stripes (and Jack White solo as well as his other bands) Led Zeppelin, I guess. Or maybe Queen. Geez, I'm not sure. I have very mixed feelings about that one. I didn't really like the direction they went in explaining the origin of the xenomorphs. The space jockey turning out to be pretty much a human in a space suit. The decision making of the supposedly elite scientists. That's a partial list. I really liked some of the performances, though. Rapace and Fassbender. It did deliver on the monster action, which is important for a monster movie. The movie is beautiful, as you would expect from Ridley Scott. I'd give it a thumbs up, but just barely. The stupidity and condescending, cunty quality of your posts makes me think you're a troll. Things like nutrition and health care have improved since then here in Western countries, so people today are taller and generally have better teeth and perhaps a more healthy appearance, but there hasn't been any kind of widespread changes to the shape of our faces to make us look more "hipsterish" because of epigenetics. The actors from 1917 would not look out of place, other than being a little taller than average possibly, if you were to send them back in a time machine. No one would give them a second look. Also, you would not be able tell the difference between photos of modern people taken with cameras and dressed in clothes from the time, aged to look like they were taken back then, and actual photos of people back then. No prosthetics necessary. Look at this man! He'd stand out like a sore thumb back then! Better put him in some serious makeup. He looks weirdly hipsterish! LOL. Idiot. That is all. I'm done with you. Go back to the bridge you crawled out from under. He made a career out of acting. That's an achievement. Chiefs 34 Titans 27 Packers 27 Niners 24 I'm a Packer fan so I have to admit, pretty biased. According to Wikipedia, at one point in that movie someone does deliver a message. Pretty much the same movie, LOL. 1917 sure has brought out the trolls, but that seems to happen with every popular film. That's silly. Peoples' faces haven't changed since then. Maybe it's because you're used to seeing photos of those WW1 soldiers in black and white and of poorer quality, they looked different to you. They looked like 21st century hipsters? I'm not a pro historian, but the gear and the dress looked fairly accurate next to historic photos I've seen. There's a guy who does twenty minute videos of him eating MRE's that I watch sometimes. It's got a relaxing Bob Ross quality to it. "Online fury" It's the usual slacktivists who represent probably less than 10 percent of Social Media accounts like Twitter and create 90 percent of the messages. As usual, the media picks up on it and presents it as if there's this widespread outrage about King's comments. View all replies >