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Wow. Another 80s horror I hadn't heard of. Staying away from this because of Brie Larson doesn't make a lot of sense. Anti Semite? what da hell is side hacking anyway? You never see movie poster art like this anymore. #248 on the greatest movies list at IMDB I heard he was kind of a jerk. Is cyclops still alive in this? I'm the worst FPS player around. View all posts >


No that's gross. Pretty face. Trump committed bank fraud, at the very least. Exaggerated his worth to get big loans. Rosenstein, Mueller and the rest are going to get him. Calculus 3, ordinary differential equations (I wouldn't say I mastered them but I got a B in an intro course 20+ years ago). I wanted to be a math prof. but discovered I hated doing proofs and abstract algebra type stuff. Was he a first round pick in baseball? I'm surprised he chose football. Get your head knocked and your brains scrambled in for possibly less money. It was the sixties. Star Trek was fairly progressive for its time. Black crew members treated as equals to the whites. First interracial kiss on television. The original Trek could have done better when it came to rising above the sexism of its time, though, sure. You didn't see many really high ranking women and they had to wear those short skirts which didn't seem that practical, though the lady crew members looked nice in them. The show did better when it came to some things than others. That's messed up if true. Reminds me of how William Friedken slapped a priest on the set of the Exorcist because he wasn't delivering the kind of performance he wanted. I remember the Priest pointing out that you can see his hand shaking in that scene. Some directors can be ruthless to get what they want. I remember when they were a new thing. You had to get memberships to rent movies at those places. It was amazing at the time though, being able to watch movies in your home any time you wanted! Prior to that you had to see them in the theaters or hope for a showing on TV. Good point. I think Trump's encouraging a foreign power to hack government servers to get at his opponent's emails is a lot more troublesome than some nonsense a candidate wrote as a teenage edge lord. He was a youngster when all those things happened. Mistakes of a youthful edge lord. View all replies >