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Because it was perceived as undermining the character's love for his wife. Instead of finding her killer, he's ballin' a young doctor. These retards don't care about facts. The second film was worse in this respect (and every other respect). They have 30+ years of script ideas to develop. For a long time, the sequel was supposed to be about drones replacing humans (this figures into the beginning of the movie with Harris' character). This is where I'd expect them to pick up. Oddly, the suicide mission in TG:M seemed perfectly suited for drones. TG:M plays on Boomer fantasies of an older, wiser man dominating Millennials and Gen-Zers. The sequel could be an even older, wiser man dominating technology. "It's the pilot, not the plane." "A bet is a tax on bullshit." I will bet you that Trump is not set up a sa "cold blooded killer" next. If Trump is indicted on a murder one charge, then you win. The time frame is the current year. The bet is that the loser must never post on this forum ever again (even under a pseudonym). Deal? Or do you want to admit you're full of shit? When has Spielberg ever said a recently released film is bad? A filmmaker criticizing a just-released movie is not only ill-mannered, but it invites retaliation. Spielberg is like Cruise: an ambassador and a political actor. The old joke in Hollywood is that if you've seen a movie and liked it, you praise it as great (i.e., better than you thought it was). If you've seen a movie and didn't like it, then, when asked, you say you haven't gotten around to watching it yet. Hence the first sentence of this post. This is way more than what normal movies make (which is not even that much when counting all ancillary revenue), but this isn't a normal movie. It's a summer movie with an early May release date, and the studio is surely disappointed. No matter how you slice it, $28M is a soft opening for this type of product. The article does not compare it to Marvel or Avatar; it's being compared to The Lost City and Bullet Train. Maybe. At one point she talks about wanting to do something naughty, so the interviewer tells her to do it "off the record." OPer was mentally ill, but I was skipping through Time Cop, and it was extremely similar to Minority Report. In Time Cop (32:50 mark), police officer Van Damme takes an autonomous vehicle to his house, voice activates his television, starts drinking like a champ, and replays an old home movie of his dead wife. He's watched the video umpteen times because he recites dialogue before it's spoken. Minority Report more or less does the same thing, except Cruise consumes futuristic drugs, the home movies replay as holograms, and he has a dead kid instead of a dead wife. Still, I wouldn't say it's a rip off as both scenes are terribly generic. Minority Report is superior because Cruise is a better actor and the sci-fi is more interesting. I don't see why it should be surprising if poor people are more likely to procreate than rich people. We're in an evolutionarily novel environment that has been shaped by culture, which moves far more rapidly than natural selection. Men with more sexual partners are less likely to have children than men with the fewest partners (above zero). People who are highly religious and poorly educated tend to have a lot of kids. Education should have a skull and crossbones when it comes to passing along one's genes. View all replies >