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Thanks, man. Zane is a cool fucking name. The problem with this movie is how often people say it, especially Teri Polo's character. "Zane, Zane, Zane." It just gets repeated endlessly. Zaminsky is just silly. The alliteration is a super-hero thing. Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Clark Kent. I figured it out much, much sooner. Idiot. So... someone remarks, that Abby has "the perfect husband," which raised a red flag. Then another person said pretty much the same thing. Then the camera lingered on the attractive secretary. I figured he was having an affair. After the money was thrown overboard and Brosnan acted the family man toward his son, I figured the Shouty Scotman cheated with Tom's wife. As the plot unfurled, I figured the wife was in on it. The plot line was mostly incoherent. As for the episode where Billy wakes up in a house with four degenerates and an Asian woman... I kind of liked it. Don't get me wrong, it was dog dumb, but also off-beat. Earlier in the season McBride's shown not watching one of his three go to movies (Hoosiers, Rudy, forget the third). Instead he watches North by Northwest (the most famous scene). They recreated it when he's fleeing the bad guys and dives to avoid the drone. It was so silly. A fucking commercial drone?? And then there's a parade? And then writers get super-lazy about how he gets back into the States: JT. Mysterious JT. What a mess. Vladimir Putin is too short to be an autocratic leader, so he isn't. The president of Russia is Ivan Drago. In a scene cut from Groundhog Day a jilted ex-girlfriend is shown placing a curse on Phil. The problem with the ending is that John's story reeks of bullshit. We know what it's communicating to Ann and (especially) the viewer: We are supposed to infer that John did something nasty to Caleb -- but hey, maybe not. I think there's more ambiguity by having John say, "Caleb slipped, I caught him, then he slipped again, and I couldn't hold on." The viewer knows three-quarters of that is true, and the last part may or may not be true. He could even admit that part of him maybe wanted Caleb to perish. Then again, maybe viewers would be inclined to take the last part at face-value, so it wouldn't generate the kind of discussion we've seen here. But in the movie he's not a world-famous Academy Award winner. He's a somewhat famous newspaper columnist. Ridley Scott is not the "creator." Even though directors have been insistent, they are given authorship of the film. Scott was enthralled with the idea when one of the screenwriters casually mentioned the possibility and then dismissed it. Phillip K. Dick said Deckard was not a replicant. Ford says Deckard was not a replicant. The story is evacuated of meaning if he's a replicant. Exactly. There are strong men and bodybuilders more muscular than Superman, but they can't lift smart cars over head. The strength that Wonder Woman possesses in this film transcends any achievable level of muscle mass: it's super-human. Dinosaurs weren't this strong. View all replies >