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A bet is a tax on bullshit, so... You want to bet on it? Loser stays off the politics forum for one year. That report was horeshit, and you know it! The Navy let this psychotic killer off the hook in order to boost recruitment. Sounds like she sobered up. It doesn't matter how super-jacked or trained any of these people are, I want to say that two or three trained guys will take them down. These fights would go to the ground, then you have the stomping, and it's over. One dude tangles you up, the other wails on you, it's over. You got six fists coming at you? You have a guy pinning down half your body whilst also kneeing you? It's over. The difference between males and females is that if a man delivers a blow, it can cause damage. He does not have to be unusually big or strong or trained. A guy who is 5'6" 155lbs is little, but he's not nuthin'. He's a helluva lot more dangerous than Charlize Theron. The average man's grip strength is in the 99th percentile of females. I think a lot of the arguments in this thread about "family" and "vulnerability" are ad hoc rationalizations. People may say they would never support evil, but history demonstrates otherwise. Why do we like Neil and his crew? Because they're fascinating. They're exceptionally good at what they do. Were you interested in them after the armor car robbery? Of course. It's the same thing with the Tom Cruise character in Collateral. Being interesting also means behaving in a way that is not predictable. Neil wraps his woman's glass in a paper towel, demonstrating that he's considerate. Cruise's Vincent buys Max's mother flowers. He's seemingly reluctant to gun down a jazz musician. Can the mustache-twirling villain fascinate us? Sure. We expect them to do something predictably evil, and then they do something far more evil. It's kind of funny because the men in this thread offering such rationalizations would roll their eyes at the real life women who fall in love with murderous psychopaths. "Riiiiiiiight. He's misunderstood. Deep down he's a sweet fella." What about Swagger practicing a shot with the dog nearby? The dog did not have any ear protection. This is such nonsense. Why would Cruise's people want to publicize trouble on the set? It's going to make insurance claims that much more difficult (which could shut down production). Five crew members quit today. It was leaked to hurt him. I'm basing that off multiple reports over the years of volcanic temper. People claim he screams until exhaustion. I am a little surprised audio has not leaked, but when are presidents secretly recorded by others? There was the telephone call with Bush Jr. admitting(?) to drug use, but I can't recall anything else. This stuff is always amusing. And what happens when Bill O'Reilly loses his temper? Or Donald Trump? Or Christian Bale? I'm a fan of his movies, but he sounded like an angry drunk. The way he spoke made it seem his main was the movie industry rather than people's health & safety, so a lot of the praise he's receiving seems misplaced. Also misplaced are the criticisms about him being a millionaire who could pay for/donate blah blah blah as well as the anti-Scientologists who need the thinnest pretext to launch into their hobby-horse. A less charitable but still plausible criticism is that he was mostly concerned about this particular production (that's when he became most livid, as I recall). But again, Cruise definitely wants to promote the industry as a whole. It's why he did publicized seeing Tenet in a theater. View all replies >