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And MY "brand" of democracy means that all adults will get a right to vote. Not just property owning males, but women. "Will slaves get the right to vote?" No, because slavery will be abolished. "Oh, riiiiiiiiiight." "Socialism" and "capitalism" are almost meaningless terms, distorted by decades of propaganda. Socialism as worker-controlled businesses IS practiced today, and faces many challenges. It's not easy. There's also no principled reason why a co-opt would necessarily oppose an alt-right style leader, or even an outright fascist (just as we have rigidly hierarchical corporations that market themselves as "progressive"). I'm sorry the world is more complicated than your tropes. You really should read more. North Korea calls itself a democratic people's republic. Is it a republic. No, of course not. Is it democratic? Not at all. They call themselves communist, so does that mean they're communist? If it fits our propaganda model, sure. Many of the figures you mention were temperamentally conservative-authoritarian. Leftists and socialists in the US and Western Europe are not exactly keen on state executions and war, or criminalizing homosexuality. I vastly prefer strong institutions to strong leaders. But please, tell me how Norway is on the "road to serfdom" while Hungary is just peachy. Yeah, the tyranny of democratic institutions, worker control, and a hippy-dippy aversion to war. 2 1 3 6 5 4 Five was more infuriating than four, but four was critical for setting up five. Re: Soldiers following orders Yeah, so they follow the very people their Queen JUST gave a speech about transforming. Paraphrasing since my HBO subscription has lapsed: "We'll go to Winterfell and Dorne and..." If they just follow whoever comes into power, then Jon's easily pardoned. As usual, you're not making any sense. Re: Democracy Yes, suggesting democracy IS laughable... so why was it suggested? Why was there a loaded pause? To generate a cheap laugh. Re: Wheelchairs... Your counter-example is a contemporary, democratically elected leader who hid his disability. I'm not saying someone in a wheelchair cannot be a good leader. Whatever. By the way, Dorne and the Iron Islands (and everyone else) wants to be ruled by Westeros. Sansa's answer about independence wasn't contagious? "Oh, wait, fuck. I can be the sovereign? That's, like, an option now?" Same. I am watching people who keep repeating everyone else has already said. [quote]Jon's relationship with Ygritte had about 10000x the meaning and they had great chemistry.[/quote] As I recall, they were alone in some of the most unforgiving terrain in the world. In addition, she was from North of the wall, he from south of the wall. Characters must overcome huge obstacles and conflicts in order to validate thier love in narrative fiction. Dany's first relationship also managed to transcend cultures. There's conflict for Dany and Jon, but it stems from the fact that he has a stronger claim to the throne. This is undercut by neither of them being aware of such knowledge, and the fact he's not keen on being any kind of king. Their relationship is also undercut for the viewer by Jon's previous one, since we can't help but compare the two. For Whom the Bell Tolls is the one that's gone viral. It's pretty rad. You're cherry-picking. And getting basic facts wrong. Has Daenerys demonstrated empathy in the past? Certainly. More so than Sansa, if only because she's a larger more consequential character. Even from an early age, we saw Sansa gravitate toward Joffrey and lie for him. And while she eventually walked away from Ramsay being eaten alive, they made sure that we saw her initially lean in to watch. She didn't avert her gaze because it was too sick and brutal. I gauran-fucking-tee that if Daenerys did anything similar, it would be Exhibit A. Hell, one of the first things people mention is how she reacted to her brother. Does Sansa's behavior reveal her as a would-be mass-murderer? No. I don't think we can get from the gruesome death of Ramsay Bolton to slaughtering innocents on the street. It would have been interesting if Dany had the girl Martha executed. After all, the little girl was committing regicide. However, we also maintain, in the current age, that someone so young cannot be (fully) accountable for their actions. Interestingly, I doubt anyone has considered the now-noble Varys guilty of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Still, it would've moved Dany's arc along. Now she's killing children. (This could stir discussion, as Jon Snow executed Olly.) This is a reply to me. It quotes me. But it's bizarre. Please read for comprehension. View all replies >