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Yes, in a way that is deviant and abnormal. Not necessarily. I hug my dad, I hug my brother. There’s no fear involved. It’s simply when deviant and abnormal behavior is added that said touching becomes abhorrent and repulsive. The abnormal cannot be normalized, although I’ll be darned if folks aren’t trying their hardest. Wrong. Phobia implies fear, and straight men aren’t afraid of homosexuals. We simply find it abnormal and abhorrent for another man to touch us in that way. Good grief, it’s not “homophobia”. Straight men are simply repulsed by the idea of another man touching them in an unnatural and/or romantic way. Period. I prefer the Hammer Dracula films, but the Hammer Frankenstein series is stronger and holds up better. Hammer did better by Frankenstein than Dracula. I watched this back in 2011 on its initial release and thought it was completely and wholly unnecessary. It not only copies the ‘82 film, but it answers questions that take away much of the mystery of that version. (The latter ALIEN movies did that when they tried to answer the mystery of the ‘space jockey’.) Regarding the Kintner attack, I’d love to see the entire scene edited together. There’s still a bit of the scene in the movie, when the shark rolls over. I think the estuary attack is perfect the way it is. Seeing the victim in the shark’s mouth just doesn’t look right. He’s too close to the dorsal fin. Seeing the leg sink, then the blood gushing to the surface, leaves it to our mind. Pipit was definitely eaten by the shark. He was probably swallowed whole. I believe Spielberg has addressed this before. Good is pretty subjective, but I’d rate it ahead of many slashers of the era because it doesn’t revolve around stupid teenagers. As far as being scary, it does generate a bit of suspense, and there is one excellent jump scare. I’m pretty sure the filmmakers did it on purpose to add another red herring for the audience. The movie had me guessing who the killer was. View all replies >