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“black mummy” The Mammy Halloween has that iconic score, and The Shape is truly unique. It’s a smart movie that’s dumbed down by the stupid high school smuttiness. Black Christmas also features a unique - and chilling - killer. The music score isn’t as iconic, but it is doom laden. I think Black Christmas is a smarter movie. It’s hard to choose, but if I had to I’d take Black Christmas. Jess did it. I think the movie makes it pretty clear, even though we don’t see her do it. The Nativity Story is a great telling of the Gospel story, and I particularly like how it fleshes out Joseph. The Bible tells us Joseph was a good and honorable man, and the screenwriter did just that. Certain liberties were taken with the story, e.g. the wise men showing up the night of Jesus' birth, but I defy anyone to not get at least a little emotional when that music begins to swell. Powerful story, and a powerful film. I think the PROS far outweigh the CONS. The Wolf Man is solid entertainment from beginning to end. Lon Chaney, Jr., is perfectly cast, and there are plenty of solid actors around him. Remember, the original was told from a child's perspective, and this one was told from an adult's perspective. The tone was just right for me. A solid 7 out of 10. It's well above average, if not as iconic as the original. The thing to keep in mind is the original was told from a child's perspective, while this one is told from an adult perspective. Ralphie now has all the burdens and worries of any adult, but he's still maintained a good piece of his childhood in his heart. A Christmas Story Christmas has some poignant throwbacks, a few good laughs, and a real heart. She looks enough like the original actress, especially all these years later, but her whispy voice made me think of Airplaine. Overall I really liked the movie. For my money, the best vampire film of all time is Hammer’s Dracula, aka Horror of Dracula. I watched Halloween II last night, and after the movie I watched one of the documentaries on the making of it. It was stated that Carpenter was the one who added the girl’s death to this scene. I’ve always believed Carpenter was wrong when he said the times had changed and the audience would demand more gore. Audiences don’t need gore if it’s a solid movie that’s suspenseful and scary. Halloween II didn’t need the added blood; it was already a strong movie that was respectful of the original. I’m hoping someday we can see the original Rosenthal cut (not the TV version). View all replies >