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Triggered much? What a snowflake. Fullscreen and widescreen are two different things. The Wolf Man is 4:3 (fullscreen). I’m not sure why anyone would want to watch it in widescreen, since it would look stretched. The black bars on the sides of the screen don’t mean you’re missing anything. I just watched The Director’s Edition for the first time this weekend and, for the most part, enjoyed it. Some special effects are better, some are still pretty weak. The story flow is a little smoother. The biggest problem from the theatrical release is still there, though: the chemistry between characters is lacking. (That would be remedied in the next movie.) This movie may have stumbled out of the gate, but once Ilia is kidnapped and transformed it becomes superior sci-fi. This is the nastiest of the four in the Kharis series, for sure. The joviality of The Mummy’s Hand is nowhere to be found — but why should it? The mummy is a killer, and that’s what he does best. Add to the mix the suave Turhan Bey, plus a cool graveyard set, and it’s a decent entry in the series. Great story! The Screaming Skull is a solid little B. Ms. Webber was definitely blessed by the dairy fairy. I like the movie the way it is. However, it would be interesting if Brody and Hooper had died and only Quint survived. If the events on the ORCA played out the same, except for who lived and died, it would’ve been a very hollow victory for Quint. His madness and vendetta toward sharks would’ve cost two innocent men their lives. How he managed that guilt in his head is interesting. “Spielberg has said that he wanted Jaws to keep people on the edge of their seats. It's been described by many as Hitchcockian -- and we all know what he was The Master of...” Spielberg is also on record saying he wanted the opening scene to be primal. Primal incorporates terror and horror. I’ve always believed JAWS was a horror movie because it touches on the primal. Action/suspense/thriller movies don’t create a primal fear that lasts for decades. JAWS is a horror movie, but it incorporates several elements that help round it out: action, suspense, and even comedy. The definition of horror calls for dread, which JAWS has in spades. I also find it interesting that the shark almost - almost - takes on supernatural tones. It’s bigger, stronger, and apparently smarter than anything Quint and Hooper have seen. It may sound odd, but the shark in JAWS is similar to The Shape in Halloween. Try watching the full episodes of The Sixth Sense, not the truncated disasters they ran as part of Night Gallery. When it was added into syndication with NG, they cut nearly 30 minutes from each episode, leaving them pretty much incomprehensible. View all replies >