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If jonesy was a flerken it would've gobbled up the alien! Remember, Titanic was un unsinkable.. Before it hit an iceberg! They could've taken turns in the infirmary pod. Or a smurf. See they never tried! No SPOILER...All the fuss about Cher being in this. I think the "dead" Donna had as much screen time as Meryl Streep! Also did Cher film her scenes at a different time as she didn't seem to interact with the rest of the cast. Scriptwriter " bugger I forgot those!" Yea even though we know several of the "snap" victims have films in the pipeline, the manner of their deaths was horrifying. Spiderman's terror, feeling him self go was the hardest scene to see. With iron man holding him like a protective father. That was very emotional for me. Anyway the best way to accept the deaths is to try to assume all the forthcoming films occur BEFORE this event. Man is holding another man over a big drop. He is asking where a criminal has taken his daughter, who has been kidnapped. After getting the answer. He drops the man to his death. When returning to his car, his companion asks what happened...." I let him go" View all replies >