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Is this the only reason the 5 years passed after the snap? Mary sue to the rescue? Flerken or....? Flerkin Oscars Unfair to Blue actors Is that it? Fury and captain marvel Steve Rogers Tom Hanks fail. View all posts >


And he only came out of retirement if they were to come back at that time. Not 5 years ago. Why? Tony said he only help if he could keep his family. If they could've got the people back at the instant they dusted would be the wiser. Apart from all the crashed cars and planes etc.! Also no one has thought about when all these billions of beings all over the universe came back. Where did they come back to? The place they disappeared from??? If jonesy was a flerken it would've gobbled up the alien! Remember, Titanic was un unsinkable.. Before it hit an iceberg! They could've taken turns in the infirmary pod. Or a smurf. See they never tried! No SPOILER...All the fuss about Cher being in this. I think the "dead" Donna had as much screen time as Meryl Streep! Also did Cher film her scenes at a different time as she didn't seem to interact with the rest of the cast. View all replies >