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Charlie Chaplin's Limelight is on TCM now Moses Farrow speaks out against his mother, Mia, claiming abuse Share your thoughts about the film On TCM right now: Honey, those darned kids are protesting again! Jack Cassidy (Patrick Cassidy's son) on The Voice Remembering Jack Cassidy This was one of the Columbo episodes with Jack Cassidy guest-starring Conan reminds me of Johnny Carson in his nurturing of standup comedians Conan's Haiti show airs tonight (Saturday, Jan. 27) Written by Jack Nicholson View all posts >


I, too, loved this episode! The timing was impeccable. My favorite part was [spoiler]Niles doing all the voices, and his surprise at his many roles. His voice for the dwarf character, courtesy of the helium balloon, was the topper for me. [/spoiler] Totally agree. Even though I'm no longer watching, I heard about this. I don't know (or care) what the comics did with Carl, but for me when I was watching the TV show, I saw Carl as the obvious future of the show. I was looking forward to seeing a young Carl grow into a man and lead the group. He grew up in a world of walkers. His dad has been a great role model. Killing Carl was the most stupid thing they have done so far on this show. If it hadn't been for the murder porn (killing Glenn and Abraham), if I were still watching, killing Carl would have been the final nail in the coffin for me. I won't even "hate watch" TWD because I don't want to reward AMC (fuck them) with ratings. Anyone who made it through Season 8 and has now stopped watching? Are people still going to watch Season 9 or have you had enough? My breaking point already happened; have you reached yours yet? Here were some of the original archived newspaper articles and the "official story" as it was reported after her death in 1981: [url]http://documents.latimes.com/natalie-wood/[/url] You're welcome! Yes, there is a lot more to it. With all of the evidence and witnesses authorities had access to at the time that they ignored -- witnesses never interviewed and evidence never collected -- and now they say they have new evidence, but I wonder if it isn't a witness or witnesses who were available at the time yet are only now being interviewed decades later. I think it is amazing! I rate it a 10. "Charles Chaplin made Limelight at the most troubled period of his adult career. In the late 1940s, America’s Cold War paranoia reached its peak, and Chaplin, as a foreigner with liberal and humanist sympathies, was a prime target for political witch-hunters. It did not help that he had recently been cited in an unseemly paternity suit. Pilloried as he was by the right-wing press and reactionary institutions like the American Legion, it seemed that America had turned against the man it had once idolised. "In this atmosphere, his 1947 film, Monsieur Verdoux with its sardonic view of war, was attacked as being anti-American. Not surprisingly, then, in choosing his next subject he deliberately sought escape from disagreeable contemporary reality. He found it in bitter-sweet nostalgia for the world of his youth - the world of the London music halls at the opening of the 20th century, where he had first discovered his genius as an entertainer. "His story concerns a once-famous comedian who has lost the ability to command his audience. Chaplin said that he based the character on real-life stage personalities whom he had seen lose their gifts and their public - the American black-face comedian Frank Tinney (1878-1940) and the Spanish clown Marceline (1873-1927) with whom he had himself worked as a boy. Clearly he was also thinking of his own present bitter experience of a faithless public." Source cited in first post. I know his face, but I cannot remember his name. Maybe this will help jog someone's memory: List of musical comedians: [url]https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_musical_comedians[/url] Not sure which account you're checking but I think I found it. I think this may be what you are looking for. Modern version; heavy synth. k?d Distance (feat. Blair) [url]https://soundcloud.com/whoskid/distance-ft-blair[/url] On YouTube: [url]http://youtu.be/MCSREIAEhSo[/url] These are probably not what you are looking for. Both covers of "Looks Like We Made It" by female vocalists but not with the modern sound that you heard. One by Gail Blanco; short sample here: [url]https://www.whosampled.com/cover/401942/Gail-Blanco-Looks-Like-We-Made-It-Barry-Manilow-Looks-Like-We-Made-It/[/url] The other by Aicelle Santos: [url]http://youtu.be/B2f_1z27wS8[/url] View all replies >