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haha! I just found it a few months ago. It's ripped from a Something Weird VHS I think. Too strange for words. Watching it on HBO Max and it still stinks. Thirty minutes in, I'm wondering if this is the new template for serial killer movies: a Pulitzer-nominated journalist asks all the questions someone in the audience watching this crapfest would ask. I came here to find out how it ends so I don't have to waste any more time. haha! I think he looks like Michael Madsen and I saw his name and thought it was the guy married to Nicole Kidman. That's a great connection to make. And I heard all the uploading pix dialog so it makes much more sense. I agree but I'm streaming it on IFC (again) so my guess is a decent profit was made by all involved. That would be the reason. This movie would never be mind-blowing. The cast was dull - going through the motions. The drooler though was incredible! The drooler was excellent. I thought the same thing about the British cop. They don't really 'have' to explain it but it would've been nice. His characters always seem to have that 'heart'. I loved that he helped the couple. View all replies >