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Production Budget = $100M Looks like everyone wants to do a 'Black Widow' movie before Disney gets around to it “This is D'rat country!”: Corrupt D'rat DA brutally ignores evidence and let's liar Smollett walk Is it just me? Will probably be the last of the $2B+ comic book movies Is it racist that Hollywood leans towards the Black Male/White Woman bi-racial couple? Starship Troopers meets Power Rangers with a dash of Transformers Just got a private message from the MOD Well, at least they didn't break stereotype with the child molester View all posts >


Lol Budget is $100M, it's official... [url][/url] Marketing is easily $100M - $120M. Total cost is roughly $210M To break even solely on it's domestic run it needs $420M...ain't gonna happen. However, you can obviously combine the domestic and foreign box office. Foreign box office varies, but generally you're only getting $0.30 to $0.35 on the dollar overseas instead of the $0.50 here domestically. You can run your own numbers from there. Both of those comparisons are pretty good. How about this one... Shazam! = Super Troopers Captain Marvel = Beverly Hills Cop [url][/url] $100M production budget, official. Add in marketing/advertising expenses and it will make minimal profit during its theater run. I know a lot of you want to believe Shazam! is better (more fun/interesting) than CM, and you're entitled to your opinion, but it's not. They're both great in their own way. I'd say each gets a 7.5-8.0/10.0 ...same goes for Aquaman. MCU is still way out ahead of DCEU as far as pure entertainment and compelling story lines. I don't see that changing anytime soon. Queen, why do you hate WB/Shazam! so much that you would predict such a big OW FAIL for it, by comparing it to AM2? Been there as well ...sending positive thoughts your way. Time heals. Armor plated creatures...and headline on one of the newspapers hanging in his workshop said “They’re Indestructible” on it. Probably the reason the military couldn’t stop them. Although, I agree with you that it’s unrealistic to think that military scientists wouldn’t have figured out by then that creatures who rely almost solely on super-human hearing as their primary sense, wouldn’t be vulnerable to sonic or stereo distortion as a weapon against them. That’s why the shotgun worked on the creature attacking them, it’s armor plating separated due to the painful high pitch feedback created by the daughter’s modified hearing aid. Domestic: $715M WW: $2.205M I don't do opening weekend predictions. And you're track record on here is stellar? View all replies >