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Just got a private message from the MOD Well, at least they didn't break stereotype with the child molester #metoo coming home to roost for the party of infanticide Listen and Learn tonight snowflakes Your President Something about Matt that kind'a bothers me S3-E3: Matt revealing himself to Foggy in a bar S3-E3: fight in the parking garage I’d convert to Judaism View all posts >


What I figured, none of you ultra-left pseudo movie critics want to touch this topic...just as long as you get your strong female leads, black-washed super heros and over represented LGBTQ characters. I mean seriously, couldn't we get an African American or Latino child molester just once? I got it pegged right in this neighborhood. Being the lead-in to Avengers #4 is going to help a lot. IDK, her butt is a solid 9. Hmmm, yet another TDS inspired thread. Hahaha ...finally something we agree on. You're welcome ...and you know it's the truth; CNN and the rest of the leftstream media don't care about that, they only focus is spinning their #fakenews into anti-Trump talking points. View all replies >