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Taskmaster Is this still going to happen or what? Help me understand why a billionaire would want to risk his good life to become part owner of a drug empire? Holy Crap was this bad Is this discussion intended for a future FG movie? Thomas Wayne Dolly > JLo So, is this still happening or what? At a predominantly white Ivy League college View all posts >


^well played LOL ...concur with both of you Agree 100% Rachel Weisz as Taskmaster would be the equivalent of having had Robert Redford turn out to be Crossbones at the beginning of Civil War. In other words, RIDICULOUS. Btw, who is Fabgenle? ^this Prediction: $450M worldwide, $190M domestic Reading thru this exchange, it’s obvious Ace’s opinion is the correct one and einstein is just trolling. Since we have less than 12 years before the Earth implodes, perhaps you should spend more time outside enjoying it instead of trolling message boards. Your side of the debate qualifies. No, it really isn't. Galilguy's video wins. View all replies >