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At a predominantly white Ivy League college The casting issue Franchise preparing to go down in flames Just remember Sansa won This has potential She went full mad queen [spoilers] Socialists, leftists and 21st Century D'rats are not only naive, but a REAL threat to our great nation. Post Your Predictions for OW-DOM-WW Here View all posts >


LMAO I'm not surprised ...those young male interns are such teases. [quote] Starlight is not supposed to represent any particular superhero[/quote] Beg to differ ...def a Mary Marvel-type character, a few similar powers, and even her costume resembles Mary's white uni. Good stuff....thumbs up! you're probably used to it considering your wife's vaj Cheap stunts like that in an attempt to lure in a more ethnically diverse audience is obvious and everyone. Create some new characters if that's the ultimate goal...don't bastardize the existing ones just to appease the SJW thugs. You’re entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong you are. BINGO!!! Again, this is a C-level group, even below GotG in this casting abomination can be forgiven. However, if they decide to jack around with the FF in the next reboot, like they did in the last one with Human Torch, it will literally kill any remaining credibility Feige has. Whatever snowflake. View all replies >