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^this Hi life as Arthur made no sense or cents ...he was both defiled and destitute. With the death of Arthur it changes the dynamic and gives birth to Joker. This is the version I remember. [quote]The black and white Warner Communications bars from back in the day was a killer introduction into this world. [/quote] Agree. Offended Culture gone wild... yawn. Well, all the other DC movies had the logo at the beginning. Why not this one? [quote]“why he laugh like dat?!” “Dis don’t make no sense! Oh lord!” “Oh he done just kilt his momma?! Oh shit”.[/quote] LMAO ...those are exact quotes? DC logo never appeared at the beginning of the film, like in all the other DC movies. They are not attaching themselves to it in any way, other than giving the movie house the right to use the names. Excellent point. Trump doesn’t/hasn’t called poor people how would that be their intent? Now, if Wayne was referring to the media or a character similar to AOC as clowns, then I’d see it. Not really, I don’t have to...cuz I’m right. View all replies >