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Worth watching? Meghan is controlling this guy BLM has proven once against that celebrities have no real identity of their own She is the one and only Victoria Another Australian goddess Disaster movies better than Twister RAW: Released George Floyd body cam footage from former officers Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng Doing the Passion of The Christ movie killed his career? Danni (Kelly Brook) should have survived Has been reduced to a rambling maniac on twitter View all posts >


Saying she is a bad actress is queer phobic. but...she is Queer...that automatically makes her a great actress! He was saying "I can't breathe" way before that repeatedly. Yes, this 4th film will be a way to establish a trans character as the lead to set up the new Trilogy and they will retcon things so that Neo isn't really The One. Lauren wasn't being greedy, she knows her worth and they should have payed her more. Blake...a butterface...what? Her face looks perfect even without makeup and "unkept" hair: You are definitely talking about someone else with your post. This movie is only being made to retcon things so that the previous films can be interpreted through a transexual lens. Yes, they will only wait for the officers involved to be exonerated due to this footage in order to then twist the narrative saying how this gives more reason for BLM to riot. Indeed, the media only cares about pushing their agenda. When facts like these emerge that contradict their narrative they ignore them,. The media are not reporters but activists. Michellin also has "curves" all over. Still fat. View all replies >