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Republicans are acting the same way Democrats acted in 2016 She couldn't pass the Hot Ones Challenge Should direct a Children of the Corn movie Is he a Tool? Never made a good film She sounds worried So hot on The Hills Have Eyes When did she become a full blown Christian? This movie has no plot So when did the American people vote for this fraud? View all posts >


She is way hotter than any of the new cast This movie is the best in the franchise. Turns out she is in it. There would indeed be no point to this if she were not in it. Yes, her performance wasn't bad in it. What was it instead? She didn't do it, it was a lie as proven by court. When you are as hot as she is your "talent" is practically irrelevant. This won't work, they won't cancel her. You have to be among the 1% to even have a chance with her. She is such a forgettable actress...meh View all replies >