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Margot Robbie will replace her Never among the highest paid actresses Ah poor Stew, crying about not getting a Marvel role Is there any actress more beautiful than her? Margot Robbie is the future This movie will flop. Sophie Turner is not lead actress material The mighty Drogon saved Westeros Better movie trilogy than The Matrix Sansa is hands down the best character in the whole show (spoilers)! Lol the details for the next episode leaked on reddit (spoilers) View all posts >


Larson a shit actor? No wonder you are a Stew fan you have no sense of what a good actor is. So what is your point? That Stew is a shit actor? Why should they give her a Marvel role? He isn't but even granting that he is actually charismatic with a great personality and doesn't goes out of his way to ruin his look like Stew does all the time. Because for feminists the more a woman looks and acts like a man the more "empowered" she is. what features do you mean? Her teeth are very much perfect, what are you on about? But Endgame will beat it, no? She is very beautiful What? Her teeth are not crooked at all... [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] Told you. View all replies >