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Totally agree. This movie was garbage before this empty head opened her big mouth. I will NEVER support a fascist, so Yifei Liu can go fuck herself. How ignorant and naive can you get? Ted Bundy was a psychopath and was irredeemable. There is no cure, and no treatment for psychopathy, as the brain is simply wired wrong. What is really unfortunate is that he wasn't executed sooner, as to save many of the lives he took, including that of a 12 year old girl. I wasn't annoyed because I saw it coming a mile away. This film was so predictable it was not even funny. I agree. This movie was exactly as you describe it, along with ripping off a few other movies for its lousy plot. "Demon Knight" was obviously a huge influence on the people who wrote this movie, and is not nearly as much fun. "Silent Hill" is another film they swiped a few ideas from. Not to mention stealing Marilyn Manson's look for their evil Nun. Lol. Just not a good film at all, and not one bit scary, either. No way in hell. Hilly is the type who would think she was doing her husband a favor by giving him sex, and would be a total ice queen in bed. I can also see her using sex to get things she wanted as well. With her control freak tendencies there is no way she could ever let her guard down enough to actually enjoy sex, much less be outgoing like that in bed. Not a chance. Totally agree. The only worthwhile thing was seeing Negan save Judith. The rest of it was just filler, and is probably the worst Walking Dead season finale I have seen in nine years watching the show. Dreadful. I bet you would care if you had been the student that got waitlisted, or even denied just so this bitch's vacuous daughter could be bribed into school. Think long and hard about what they did, and then put yourself in the shoes of one of the kids who earned it, but didn't get into to USC to make room for these dumbasses, even though Olivia Jade is so damn dumb, she couldn't even figure out how fill out the college application herself. How would you feel? No, he wasn't. He was a cheating, untrustworthy bastard who no doubt would only worsen as soon as they got married. It's a pattern with people like that. She definitely traded way up when she married Robby, even though he wasn't loaded down with cash. Glen was a piece of shit. I have grown to dislike Henry as well. The writer's on this show can take either a beloved character, or a totally innocuous one and make you loathe them. For a while there I wanted someone to chop the head off of Morgan, and have rooted for someone to put Carol out of her misery when she went through her "I can't hurt a fly" phase. They have done this with Henry, and now I want him jettisoned from the show. It's all down to lousy writing, imo. Yeah, he really can't. This show has a knack for casting talentless actors for main roles. Chandler Riggs can't act for shit, yet they cast him for a main character that would require some serious acting chops to pull off. I'm convinced they killed him off because he couldn't act well enough to do the role justice. View all replies >