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Yep, it's actually even worse than bad. Horrible movie that should never have been made. It really is. This movie is the worst Halloween movie ever made, beating out turds like Resurrection, which is saying a lot. Rob Zombie did his best to crap all over the Halloween franchise with his white trash version of these movies. No wonder John Carpenter said he didn't like Zombie's remakes. Absolutely awful films. Well, there was an angry mob carrying tiki torches in Charlottesville just two years ago. One of those angry Nazi's, actually murdered a girl by running her over with his car. If you thought this was dated in 1995, you should see how far backwards we've gone now. Hideous. Made her face look harsh and angular. Definitely not a look just anyone can pull off. Well, you also got "dooped" into voting for The Dotard, so I think you're more than a little stupid. Go back to school and learn to spell, and learn some critical thinking skills while you're at it. I agree the show was better with Charlie, especially when he was not in a relationship on the show. I think it dragged the show down when he shacked up with someone. Not to me. She was a scrawny, birdlike thing who bitched, threatened, and sucked the life out of Allan just because she could. Very unlikable character. Totally agree. This movie was garbage before this empty head opened her big mouth. I will NEVER support a fascist, so Yifei Liu can go fuck herself. How ignorant and naive can you get? Ted Bundy was a psychopath and was irredeemable. There is no cure, and no treatment for psychopathy, as the brain is simply wired wrong. What is really unfortunate is that he wasn't executed sooner, as to save many of the lives he took, including that of a 12 year old girl. I wasn't annoyed because I saw it coming a mile away. This film was so predictable it was not even funny. View all replies >