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Sounds like you're outing your fetishes to the entire world. Keep that shit to yourself. It's a fictional fucking mermaid. It is not based on a real person, so who gives a fuck what color she is? Something is seriously wrong with you alt-right bigots. Why don't you see a good head shrinker, and stop inflicting your mental problems on the rest of the world? Piss off. Go then. No one is stopping you racist fucks from leaving. Get the fuck out, and stay the fuck out. I will happily keep more of my tax dollars, that are currently going to support shithole red states, right here in my blue state. No one will miss the likes of you, so please, go. Russia is certainly an option for you scumbags since you love Putin's dick so much. Take your ass there and stay. Because certain people cannot stand there being any brown people in movies and tv shows. They are ok with the browns keeping themselves to BET and such, but casting in major movies and shows is hurting their delicate sensibilities. I am so tired of these fucking whine bags. I can guarantee this guy has bitched at least once about the girl who was cast in the new Little Mermaid. All these right winger's have is culture wars because they certainly have no policy ideas or any ideas at all for that matter. This shit again? Just go back to bopping your ding dong to Ben Shapiro's girly voice, and wanking your crank to Donny Dotard's fupa and leave the rest of us alone. No one cares about this shit except for people who are racist and are bothered by brown people. Deny it all you want, but you are simply full of shit. Woke, woke, woke, woke, woke, woke, woke endlessly from you incel losers. No one cares about this petty shit but you and the dumbasses like you. Go back to 4chan, and leave the rest of us the hell alone. Omg, she does! Lol! Stopped reading when I saw the played-out word "woke". Sick of losers like you bitching about nothing and labeling anything not white and male "woke". Piss off. It was terrible! Who the hell plays a whole damn match standing inside the service boxes? The player in the white dress must be the dumbest player on earth to allow someone who doesn't even move to beat them. Lol. Just awful. Thanks for this. I was about to look for the soundtrack until I saw your post. View all replies >