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or further deep into the earth's core. How about that? Yes that intrigued me as well and i thought the second option you said. I thought she asked her to clean the windows to let her know that she knows the reason. But however as you mentioned the other option, it made me think of the other option as well but not sure though. I saw it a long time ago and i am a muslim but this movie shivers me still. I have it in my collection and whenever i see the name, i don't find nerves to see it again. You really need to have titanium nerves and heart to see it all through while keeping in mind that it is one of those incidents in history where humanity fell to the deepest pits and what a man did to a man, a prophet apart. What a human did to a human where you lose words and become numb how to describe it. Your brain loses the power to speak when you want to express something about it. I read somewhere on an article, that if Mel Gibson never did something good in life, he surely made a masterpiece. But he raise a good point. It is one of my top favorite movie from all times. Your questions are all true and does make sense and also intrigues thinking as to why director didn't explain them in the movie, BUT somethings are far greater in life than your those silly questions. Sometimes it is needed to go through pain. It's been a while since i have seen that film but let me explain you those questions: 1. Why it seems so contrived that she would encounter it there. I don't see any wrong in it. 2. Yes it was never explained but don't you think she had gone enough mental torture in her life that she could have committed suicide after seeing the rapist/first son or she could have died natural death and the time between the seeing that son and those lawyer meeting with 2 kids were not shown. 3. It was explained in the movie that she killed him out of grudge. She had a huge hatred inside her that she got used by people and was given the task of killing and she did it. 4. Didn't understand the question (Sorry). 5. Tarek was one of their best known torture guy in prison and he fled to Canada and such news is never hidden. People of small town know each and everything of each other. 6. This is a good question. Put yourself in the shoes of anyone of the 2 kids and imagine how life and world would treat you if you never knew about your parents. If you never could know and answer who your father and mother was? Won't it be painful AND above all, won't you question yourself whole life, repeatedly about who you are, who you were born to, who were your parents, what was their story, why did life take them from you, why they faced the fate they should never have faced. Unless you are a typical American type of guy who doesn't care even if he is orphan he grows up to be himself and doesn't have roots and either he becomes a street junkie or a criminal. When she told them about their father and also the same guy to be their brother...Don't you think it was meant to be a family union. Loll, you really couldn't get it? Whats a Chyulip? You better watch some British films.