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Looks fantastic The Emperor in this movie is a clone Marvel release 2 movies per year?? Looks so underwhelming DC Fans getting all edgy because Joker has dropped 10%, conspiracy Would make a good Eric Draven So according to Filmgob and his minions , Disney sabataged Dark Phoenix I wonder where queen is ? Looks dredful , reboot of Genysis if anything Can anyone tell me why DCEU fans are so insecure because of Marvel? View all posts >

Replies Boom Boom Haha reports say its all ready recouped its investment Yes it did lose money , but to they arent close to making it back is inaccurate, unless you care to peove me wrong ? Checkout leroy kongs comments , such a weirdo, the rest are andres accounts he created Im well aware of that , but to say its a franchise losing money is just in accurate, for one disney didnt pay 4 billion in cash and upfront for Lucas films, they have sold a ton of merchandise since the purchase , yes toy sales have dropped but the brand sells all sorts. I dont think they expected to make back what they invested back in 2013 in just 6 years , with TROS and the mandalorian on the horizon it will be close however. Star wars has generated 4.6 billion in ticket sales with 4 movies , hardly losing money for them isnt it ? Haha whatever this guys full of shit Why would marvel fans be running fir the hills ? Pretty sure the last 2 movies released by marvel made 3.6 billion at the box office View all replies >