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So according to Filmgob and his minions , Disney sabataged Dark Phoenix I wonder where queen is ? Looks dredful , reboot of Genysis if anything Can anyone tell me why DCEU fans are so insecure because of Marvel? Shouldnt Gamora of been snapped? The Empire Strikes Back of CBM DCEU fans in panic mode , attacking Marvel fans Prefered Infinity War, still a great movie -Spoilers Lots of very edgy DCEU man babbies upset that End Game is masterful this looks brilliant View all posts >


Can you provide any evidence that this missed expectations domestically ? Ok share me the link stating thats its a disappointment and under performed domestically? Im not the one getting constantly ridiculed in these discussions How is grossing 500 million domestically underperforming ? Do you just make these things up because you are anti disney ? Looks fantastic How would you rate it with others? Is it just as violent as john rambo? Great post couldnt agree more The mandalorian looks pretty good, im done with the movies though, maybe tv series are the way forward , zero intreast in the new trilogy thats being created. If i had it my way , there would only of been 3 movies , a new hooe , empire and jedi , no special editions , no prequels , no sequels How is that under performing? Please explain? Do you even think before writimg? Once again u have proven that you know nothing about this business Totally , and ian mc as palpatine , and maul was a great character, just wish they would had less cgi characters, jar jar , boss nass , watto etc etc The majority of people disagree , the audience scores would suggest TFA was better which i agree with, TLJ was pretty bad View all replies >