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So according to Filmgob and his minions , Disney sabataged Dark Phoenix I wonder where queen is ? Looks dredful , reboot of Genysis if anything Can anyone tell me why DCEU fans are so insecure because of Marvel? Shouldnt Gamora of been snapped? The Empire Strikes Back of CBM DCEU fans in panic mode , attacking Marvel fans Prefered Infinity War, still a great movie -Spoilers Lots of very edgy DCEU man babbies upset that End Game is masterful this looks brilliant View all posts >


Again you and your big mouth , 224 ww after 3 days, how about Toy story makes its profit back and some, you are just to quick to dog on Disney and dick ride WB and Universal. Don't play guess the BO anymore, you are wrong all the time. 833 million WW, so tell us again how this has losses? Any failed prediction by queen, not very good at this considering you are fascinated by BO. But but but queen said to us all that this will fail as it had a 183 million production budget? Are you telling me queenfan got this wrong? But you fail all the time queen , its embarrassing. "I should be seeing a lot more seats sold thank this" who the fuck do you think you are queen? Do me a favour, make a fist, and hit yourself in the face multiple times, why do you constantly troll Disney movies? Why aren't you on the secret life of pets 2 board where you thought that movie was hot hot hot, WW = $172,963,535 thus far, that's not hot hot hot. Looking forward to another huge queen fail, shame you know nothing about this business and just sit there sprouting crap from other website. The OP regularly types these posts out whenever a Marvel movie makes good bank, believes that Disney buys tickets for there own movies to inflate the BO numbers, that is retarded, and I believe the OP cant handle the fact that Disney is so successful. wAnT A wOwY PoP, if anyone crying it's you judging from the emotion in your post You might want to just park that for a moment considering its being released with additional footage. Whats wrong with that? lot of movies have extended versions? no one is forcing you to go watch it The Sherminator - Licence to Thrill View all replies >