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Just watched the prequels Ben should of lived and Rey be left dead A really good star wars movie if you can switch your brain off Well , that ended rather quickly , the trilogy is completed, what a waste My review - spoilers- a big budget fanboy film I wonder what colin trevorrow story was? Blame Ronald Regan Kuku - how come disney didnt pay critics this time? The ultimate issue with these movies is Reviews are coming in and most are saying its an epic conclusion View all posts >


No cold war, no conflicts in Israel nor palastine (Israel wouldn't exist), no vietnam war, no korean war, no afghan war , no black September , no 6 day war , no 9/11, stable immigration , no windrush whatever Agreed , i like the stuff the follows the OT , Rogue one, Solo, this , looking forward to kenobi At last , we agree on something :) Also , they should also of used Lucas's story treatments, he should of written them , by all means get guest directors, Peter Jackson, Speilberg , even JJ , but he is the father of Star Wars, they were fools to not get him to write this trilogy. Mistakes were made no doubt, and i dont disagree with you (even though i was OK with TFA) but its very early days in the grand scheme of things, it took Lucas almost 10 years to craft the OT, took Disney 6 years (released the triology in 4) years , its obvious that they rushed things. The Mandalorean and some of the stories from recent Video Games, Jedi Fallen Order is very interesting, makes me believe some good stuff maybe ahead, who knows. It was a great film ahead of its time wtf are you talking about ? one of the best action flicks of the 80s IMO, cool soundtrack, made the US Navy look cool, some of the best aerial footage ever filmed at that point, still holds up today , love this movie. You know you're everyone's problem kwestmo, thats because every time you post you're unsafe , i dont like you because you're dangerous, it's not your posting, it's your attitude. The enemy's dangerous, but right now you're worse. Dangerous and foolish. You may not like who's posting with you, but whose side are you on? But but queensfan said this was under performing? View all replies >