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What is it that people like about this film? I’m less than 5 minutes in and I already know this is a religious movie . . . I never understood the hype A more tragic love story than Romeo & Juliet I don’t think alcoholics could watch this show Completely Silent Breakup Darlene and the Kansas City Mob (major spoilers) This Documentary Is Bonkers *spoilers* I don't see the bat symbol on the cover . . . looks like teeth View all posts >


It was an accident and it was caught on film. Can you give examples Of what made them feminine because I didn’t get that. Which guys are feminine acting? I don’t doubt that he was called a racist, all presidents are. I doubt that he was called a racist for speaking on the housing crisis. I don’t know what to look up because I’m not getting anything. He was called a racist for speaking on the housing crisis? Yeah, I’m going to need a reference for that. Thanks for dropping the information bomb, this was very helpful! Why would something like that affect his acting career? Public perception? What is your source, as in where did you read this? The hermaphroditism is new to me. I find him very attractive and interesting looking. To each their own I suppose. what are you even talking about? Nothing proves that the Bible is true. View all replies >