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Decreased the debt??!! Less deficit??!! Where are you getting this information? Link for Trump having 56% approval? I believe that truth and facts can stop people from spiraling into cult-like beliefs too, I just feel like i don’t know where to begin with so much misinformation. I always appreciate seeing you still fighting the good fight though and want you to know that I admire the effort you take in being a voice of reason here. I don’t understand why so many far right people all descended on this website or where they all came from. What happened to normal Republicans? I admire your ability to not just give up with these posters, it just gets to a point that I feel exhausted, all of this conspiracy theory bullshit, it’s like trying to talk someone out of a religion. Great response, it’s scary to me how deep the delusion is that the election was rigged. Absolutely no credible evidence, it doesn’t matter one bit to them and they are outraged. That’s not at all what she said or implied because there are plenty of presidents that didn’t get us into full blown military conflicts and she said that he was THE ONLY PRESIDENT that didn’t bomb countries and then she took that out of her statement. Just wondering if you expect him to ban abortion and also, why didn’t Trump ban abortion if he is a Christian? Pretty sure that he was blamed for completely ignoring the AIDS crisis . . .which is what he did. What are you talking about “only president that didn’t bomb any countries’? We’ve been continuously bombing the shit out of the Middle East for the past 4 years . . Ick! Really? I hope they got charged . . .Jezis View all replies >