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Auto correct mistake, I didn’t say that he didn’t appeal to any woman, it’s simply that more women are attracted to an unbearded and slightly vulnerable character. The whole story is intended to scare you, to scare people into Christianity. By scaring them into Christianity? That’s what you want? Because they are terrible. Also the religious always react poorly to films that try to convey a Christian message because no Christian can agree with one another on the details of that message. For example, some Christians are angry because a lady with Alzheimer’s was left behind Because they don’t have the mental capacity to understand salvation. There are about a million details like that which make them angry. Why do you dislike foreign films so much that it's a reason for scorn? You are like the guy that hands out toothbrushes for Halloween. Wtf? America Ferrera? who is she and what does she have to with Thor for Christ's sake? You sound like a psycho trying to compare a random person to this movie. What a childish and unimaginative thing to say mirishster96 View all replies >