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Ha! You flipped out and ranted and now you are crying that you’re being bullied because someone called you on your behavior? You’re entertaining. You’d rather DIE than have sex with a fat chick? I mean, I get it, having sex with an obese ‘man’ would absolutely gross me out, but I could totally do it if I had to just to survive. You must have had a really bad experience 🤢 Wow, you are like a wet blanket. We aren’t talking about the sequels, the original movie was the hit, most people didn’t even know that there WERE sequels. The horse didn’t actually die in real life, though the scene was incredibly sad. The behind the scenes things, again, aren’t involved with people’s nostalgia for the movie. Why even comment if you didn’t like it? I mean, you can say whatever you want but why drag it down? Great names, all of ‘em. It’s just that everyone knows what a chick flick is, not so much a brogram lol (that’s my favorite) I like it! Lol I just think it’s weird that they don’t seem to have a name when there are so many of them. Not really. I don’t like chick flicks either, but what do they call ‘guy’ films anyway? He acted pretty shocked I thought. You are absolutely ridiculous. Why do you want to be a victim so much? View all replies >