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I saw Queer As Folk on Showtime in its entirety because I was in art school when it came out and nearly all my friends were gay, (still are). It was a big deal at the time, nothing like that had ever been on television. Only 2 of the main cast were actually gay in real life and I’m being completely honest in the fact that I believed they all were, particularly the main ‘alpha’ character, he was straight but dove into sex scenes with such vigor and enthusiasm there was never a shadow of a doubt that he was gay. I was shocked to find out he wasn’t. This was such a great reply, thank you for putting so much thought into it, I really understand what you mean! I saw him in an off broadway play called ‘A Behanding in Spokane’ that was fantastic, it helped that he performed it with Sam Rockwell! He’s done such a wide variety of things, don’t kill me if I say that I thought his ‘Captain Koons’ in pulp Fiction was brilliant. Share a single link that isn’t biased, I dare you. You actually think that some biased YouTube video gives you a clear picture of what’s going on? You actually GO to those stupid riots? I don’t know that people see religion as repressive and murderous, I think most people see it as a way to have and abuse power over others and give worshippers a sense of importance and superiority over the rest of humanity. Morality comes from society, not a specific god. We shouldn’t be moral out of fear of punishment, that’s not true morality. We know what hurts people and our society, if you abuse that then you should be expelled and banned from benefiting from society. Most of it is live action with real puppets, they were going to do everything CGI but decided against it and only added a touch of it with eye blinks and tongue movement so I don’t understand your complaint. Ha! You flipped out and ranted and now you are crying that you’re being bullied because someone called you on your behavior? You’re entertaining. View all replies >