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It was good, I think that Drew Barrymore would have been much better than Aniston though, she has much better chemistry with Sandler and is a lot more charming/funny. Aniston is beautiful but she was very flat and boring. It was a false confession bro. I'm not saying that's not true, I just think if you gave some examples to illustrate your point, that would be helpful. A robot cannot be philosophical, it has only logic, not the humanity that creates gray areas and philosophical doubt. Like lying for example, a machine would probably not understand that sometimes lying can be the right thing to do, it doesn't make logical sense to lie but because we are human and there are justifiable human reasons to do it whether that is to spare someone's feelings, assuage fears or protect them for painful truths. Mother presents bare logic, humanity is all about the gray areas, we know that the 'right' answer isn't always the most logical. Right, they seem to want to ignore the ugly parts and use the ones that allow them to feel superior to non-believers. Pretty gross to worship a God who does half of the things in that book. Christians believe that the Bible is the word of God divinely inspired, not some of it, all of it. The gospels weren’t written a few decades after Jesus’ recorded death. They were written much later, the earliest one is Mark and that was written 40 years later, given the lifespan of people in the Bronze Age and the fact that he was not an apostle or even mentioned in the gospels, He couldn’t have been an eyewitness, if he was, he couldn’t have been very impressed since he waited 40 years to begin writing anything and he would have been in his 70’s. The other gospels came much later so there is no question that they couldn’t have been eye witnesses. God himself was the one who commanded the death of the women, children and infants in the ‘promised land’ which was the first verse I quoted and there are many more just like it, Christians often like to use the Old Testament when it’s convenient for them, like the 10 commandments, the creation story, the flood and then pretend that it’s not important when the horrific acts God committed in the OT are revealed. So are you claiming that most Christians ‘don’t’ believe that the Bible is God’s word or only the gospels are? Are you twelve or do you just have the mentality of a twelve year old? The last two I posted were from the New Testament. . . So the Christian God, didn’t command those things? View all replies >