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Wow you win, Islam is worse, you Christians come in second place for tha asshole award, congratulations douche. Thanks for fighting the good fight for people who need and deserve love and kindness. Wow you’re a real jerk. I bet you call yourself a Christian, the most hateful people usually do. I agree! Great writing, directing and special effects! I wasn’t expecting anything and was more than pleasantly surprised! I loved Klaus in particular, but the acting was charming and so much fun. How do you know what women want to see lol. I prefer a guy that doesn’t look like he’s been stung by bees. He was clearly a cult leader. Christians seem to concentrate on the atheists instead of all the positive post (which make up the majority). Why do you care what they say and why do Christians constantly speak as though they are oppressed or persecuted so much of the time when Christianity is the major world religion. On this movie board i’ve Seen twice the amount of believers complaining about people bashing the movie than are actually saying anything negative at all. Just something i’ve Noticed. I am not an atheist. He thinks people like you are a conspiracy against Christians like you, it's almost a mental illness. The information that I get from my male friends is different from the information I would have if I was a male. Hopefully you realize this difference. So you can't be racist towards 'white people' what nonsense! View all replies >