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inorite? it's like obv They aren't treating it like it's a masterpiece, but 62% is a solid rating for a Kevin Smith film. 62% Fresh... Aha it makes sense now. The deal may allow that, but if you've watched both MCU Spider-Man films and the previous two Sony Spider-Man films, I think you'll agree that it's quite clear Sony's only contribution was to say "yes" to whatever Kevin Feige et al wanted to do. Those are MCU films through and through, without a hint of the Sony taint to them. Star Wars 9 might approach that figure, but so far ain't no one done it yet. The money isn't the issue here. I'm sure Sony made a nice profit from the film, but the trend I notice is that the films that attract the most people to theaters are all being made by Disney. The box office numbers tell us which films drew the largest audience, but the money itself is of no consequence. So sure, Sony made some money, but they didn't make a film that drew crowds. They happen to own the rights to a character on whom a film was based. Sony had nothing to do with the film other than providing the rights to Spider-Man. Beyond that it's a Disney/ MCU film from start to finish. It was made by Disney, featuring Disney characters, for a Disney audience. Because Sony owns the film rights to Spider-Man, they get the film credit, but by no stretch is it a Sony film. You don't seem to understand the mechanics they set up in the film. By traveling back to the '40s to marry Peggy, he created an alternate timeline. Everything after that is simply a part of the new timeline, so he's free to act in any way he sees fit. I can't seem to follow your math. Right now, six films have topped $1 billion, and they were all made by Disney: Avengers: Endgame The Lion King Spider-Man: Far from Home Captain Marvel Toy Story 4 Aladdin Once Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker joins the list that will make seven, and if Frozen 2 joins, 7+1=8. All eight films will have been made by Disney. I highly doubt Jumanji 2 will top $1 billion, as the first one didn't, and sequels typically earn less than their predecessors, but if both Jumani 2 and Joker make the cut that's 8 for Disney and 1 each for Sony and Warner Bros. When you write 1-2 for each of those studios, what 2nd film do you have in mind for each of them? Maleficent 2, another Disney release, is doubtful to hit the billion mark, and I think it's nearly impossible to imagine either Dark Fate or Doctor Sleep making it to $1 billion. None of the previous five Terminator films have even come close, and Doctor Sleep seems like something that will earn closer to $100 million than $1 billion. Strongly disagree. Much has been written about how great it is, and why, so you have ample opportunity to find out what its appeal is. Perhaps you should offer your reasons for thinking it's so BAD? Now I want to see a film at the full 14 and not a paltry 6.2! I've heard of Frozen, but don't know how successful it was, or even that a sequel was planned. It's another Disney film, isn't it? A kid's cartoon? I want to see that episode! I mean, yeah, it's a Kevin Smith movie. If you like his sense of humor, you'll like this movie. And stay until the very, very end. There are a lot of great deleted scenes, a couple bloopers, and a fantastic cameo, along with a post-post-credits scene that ties everything back into one nice big circle. I'M GLAD YOU LIKED IT. YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY SEE THE FILM IF YOU CAN. I BELIEVE IT ONLY SHOWS ONCE MORE, THIS COMING THURSDAY NIGHT, AFTER WHICH YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE ROADSHOW. TICKETS TO THAT ARE ALREADY SOLD OUT IN MANY CITIES, SO GRAB 'EM IF YOU CAN. ALSO, ALL THE CAST OF CLERKS SHOWS UP, ALBEIT VERY BRIEFLY IN SOME CASES. Eventually? The entire turtle bit is stupid; glad they left it out of It.