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I'm with sjmills on this one. This is certainly in my top 5 all-time Toho Godzilla films. It's one of very few with a coherent plot, and it's so much fun to watch. I'd probably have it 4th on my list. I wouldn't call the film terrifying by any stretch, but it's a lot of fun. When I think of Godzilla films, the only ones that are somewhat terrifying are the first one and the Smog Monster film. The others are pure camp. As I mentioned in a previous post, Megalon is my favorite of the campy ones, and a lot of fun to watch. Or I could be a person who owns a dictionary. No, it's not the correct term. Stop making up your own facts to fit what you wish to be true. I came back to find the name, and the person who answered deleted the post! Anyone? lol this is one of your best trolls yet! A+++ should troll again Epstein was a high-profile, wealthy person that nearly everyone in those millionaire/billionaire circles knew, so of course they knew each other. Also, is pedophile the correct term? I don't know all the details of what Epstein was doing, but my understanding is that he was paying young, teenaged prostitutes for sex, and/or offering money and gifts to teenaged girls in exchange for consensual sex. If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong, but I've yet to hear any allegations that Epstein had any sexual contact with any girls under the age of 14. It's certainly illegal, and certainly disgusting, but a pedophile is someone who desires sex with prepubescent children, meaning girls under the age of 11. Bottom line-- there is zero evidence connecting Donald Trump to Epstein's death, and it seems incredibly far-fetched, almost impossible really, to imagine someone who is so scrutinized, someone whose every move, statement, phone call is being monitored, would be arranging a murder-for-fire. There is also, to my knowledge, zero evidence that Donald Trump was more than a passing acquaintance of Epstein's, or that he was ever sexually involved with any teenagers. My recollection is that people of all races had widely differing opinions, and never noticed any correlation between a person's race and their opinion regarding his guilt. More than anything else, however, I recall that nearly everyone believed him guilty. My mother was one of a few I knew who thought he was innocent. She thought Marcus Allen was the killer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If you don't see elements of Anderson's visual style or his quirky humor, so be it. That overt and clearly intentional stylistic homage was one of the things that struck me most on my first viewing of the film. I'm down for anything Lovecraft, even if it has Nicholas Cage in it. View all replies >