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thanks for posting your boob pics I dont like Jesus Really looking forward to this Lame Let's reboot this already Never watched this but.... What's the point of his name? Alyssa Milano calls J.Voight F-lister Arya and white horse View all posts >


Ugh.. she was so god-awful in Westworld. Untalented, insolent b#tch. from his insta account [url][/url] Nolan is the greatest director of movie trailers ever. seriously the visuals and sound design of his trailers are breathtaking. the movies on the other hand are pretentious garbage. pubertal mystery box nonsense pretending to be profound and "complex". your list of flaws is well-meant but pointless. Kenny Loggins, yay or nay? I can't find my reading specs. Where are they? He's Pete Buttigieg "Instead of bringing up the rear" Rather should have brought out her rack. Agree? jeg har det godt... but please let's stick to english, as this is an international board. Cheers I didn't even watch it. Lol. "But I poop from there! Not right now you don't..." View all replies >