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I’m glad I stuck with it little black girls at the mall I love it and hate it Remake is superior Too many weiners People in Black I hate every character Corny ending Pro-Antifa Garbage View all posts >


She’s smokin hot in this and True Romance. Even though she’s past her prime she could still get it. She now reminds me of the broad at the bar that’s kinda good looking but when last call comes around you’d definitely take home to slap those milk bombs around. I actually dug the first half the second half is a heaping pile of cow shit though so you didn’t miss anything at all. That singing black lady literally just sings the same song for 5 hours I hated her stupid voice. This movie was a major let down. Yeah you big mad. Retard. I hope you catch chlamydia and it burns to piss for the rest of your life. It’s possible to like and criticize something at the same time. S2 had its flaws but was still enjoyable overall. S3 has become much worse with scattered moments of good TV. Eat shit fuck face lol imagine lecturing someone about typing “back in the day” lmao just lmao! Nerd. Going downhill. Hard. The series jumped the shark in that awful episode in season 2 where 11 meets the retarded x-men. They should have ended the series after the first season. It’s now become a bore fest with recycled ideas and annoying characters. The series has been going downhill since season 2. View all replies >