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It’s crazy to me. I can’t comprehend why people would go to a movie theater and talk the whole time. Like what is wrong with these people? Is it a power thing? Are their brains under developed? I know they have low average IQ’s. Do they not understand common decency? It boggles my mind. Dafuq does the UN have to do with what I said? The UN is useless anyways. That farting guy sounds hilarious. Was he mentally challenged? Like you would have done anything tough guy. Lol gtfo Yeah, unmistakable since they were sitting directly behind me and were VERY loud. That’s a small sample size too because like I said they talked the entire time. My friends moved across the theater because they couldn’t take it anymore but I’m too damn stubborn so I stayed. I did let out a “for fuck sake!” And threw my hands up in disbelief kinda loudly but they didn’t get the hint. I didn’t want to confront them head on because I know that shit would have escalated into a very bad situation. Betaaaaaaa Says the SJW cuck who claims he doesn’t know who I’m talking about but knows exactly who I’m talking about. Cowardly cuck soy boy beta. You’re a reality denier if you think my incident was isolated lmao. Get a grip son. “Bullshit accent”. I love how you’re so arrogant that nothing exists outside of your SJW feminist bubble. Reality deniers are getting out of control. Stay triggered, cuck. View all replies >