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How much is Trump gonna win by in his re-election? Super gay! What every woman should aspire to be. Something really bizarre with the amazon prime version If you liked season 2 more than season 1 you might be retarded. I bet she’s wild in the sack This isn’t a debate. I was told there was a rape scene with Jeff Goldblum Music causing tonal psyche outs in the final episode. To the leftist cuck that snitched on me and got my comment deleted View all posts >


Speed is awesome wtf are you saying? Jays intro is spot on. Movies have been politically weaponized now. If you don’t like it you’re labeled a sexist mysoginist pig. Thanks a lot for making the world an embarrassing nightmare you corporate weirdos. Solo Ivanka is the perfect feminist. It’s too bad your TDS prevents you from seeing it. Go back to Rachel Maddow now you little cuck. Milk truck just arrive Uhh did we watch a different movie? Did you miss the shoehorned girl power parts? Did you miss the bleeding heart refugee aspect? The SJWness was laid on thick. I looked up the writer and director and YUP, of course she’s a feminist. This shit is so obvious now it’s impossible to not see. Any time Brie Larson runs. Wtf?has she never ran before? It looked so hilariously bad. Lmao not even close to GotG. Are you high? This is Thor 2 level bad. Most boring movie theater experience of my life. I only went because some friends invited me and I felt like getting out of the house. I didn’t give a single shit about any of the characters. Brie Larson can’t act for shit. I’m really not looking forward to seeing captain marvel beat down Thanos. It’s gonna be so lame. Captain Marvel is way too high. It’s Thor 2 tier. Civil War, Thor 3, Winter Soldier all need to be higher. Your rankings are very meh. View all replies >