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Oof, that sounds awful. Yeah there was. They said Dragons are just as smart as humans. Trash It was established that Dragons are extremely intelligent. Drogon knew the throne was the bigger reason for Dany’s death. Exactly. The story demanded huge spectacle fights towards the end. And people are going crazy because wahhhhh not enough character development wahhhh. We’ve had character development for almost 10 years. The climactic major conflicts were upon our characters now, shit is hitting the fan. Like wtf did these fans want? A major battle followed by 4 episodes of sitting around with more talking? Yawn. The ending was fantastic. Series finales tend to disappoint but GoT pulled it off nicely. GoT will go down as one of the best shows of all time. Not hopeless. It set the tone that this wasn’t your typical fantasy story that will give you a fairy tale ending. Still a trash idea. How the hell would you know what a dragon would or wouldn’t do? That sounds like a horrible idea. Walking Dead is trash. View all replies >