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I thought be over did it. The way he talked kept taking me out of his scenes and made me start to resent his character. I’ve experienced depression but I wanted to slap his character and yell for him to speak up. Yeah same here. I might have gotten 20 min into episode 3 and bailed. Season 2 was mostly trash with good moments sprinkled around here and there. The plot was way too convoluted. S1 = 9.3 S2 = 6.8 No they didn’t. The American people got Trump elected. People have a rough time accepting that Hillary was an awful presidential candidate. nice novel theater queer. Yeah definitely. For my daughters 6th birthday I had all of her friends and family come over to watch Salo. Everyone loved it. Lmao to a blind dude maybe Imagine your brain being so broken from Trump Derangement Syndrome, that you blame negative feedback of TLJ on Russian trolls. How in gods green earth did we get to this point? Holy shit. People hated this movie because it’s poorly written and completely betrays the characterization of one of the most beloved characters in cinema franchise history. It’s pretty simple. You're not helping, can I sue you also? Sue everybody. View all replies >