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Good point. Yeah, I suspect even Leatherface had to go outside and hurl once in a while. I'll drive you to Berkeley if you like. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 >>> Blue Velvet" Very different films. Blue Velvet is my favorite Lynch movie. Well, the smell of rotting meat may have something to do with it. "And like seriously we know that automatic sprinklers exist in this universe, they literally used them in the second movie." They must have been recalled as the water made the ship deck slippery and dangerous to walk on. I wish they would have made that movie. You see the sprinklers go on and everyone gets soaked. This movie is still a lot of fun to watch. I remember seeing it at the drive-in back in 79. Why was McQueen sneaking around at night with white slacks on? Check this video out: CinemaTyler makes very good videos about movies. View all replies >