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In some ways it may do the reverse and enhance it. Unscrupulous filmmakers might see it as extra publicity and free advertising. I feel terribly sorry for her and what people may be saying behing her back, I dont think I could handle it if people said such things about my mother or father. Awful film. despite being a fan of 'giant monster' films I'm not sure I'd even bother with the sequel. Very suprised that it did so well. This, godzilla, kong skull island, pacific rim 2 have all left me massively disappointed of recent. Am hopeful for the soon to be released godzilla king of the monsters but chances are i'll be let down again. No chance. Will no doubt be one of the biggest movies ever and will go to 2bn but Avatar was a phenomenon (despite being average at best). It will eventually be beaten due to inflation but my guess is its safe for 20 years at least. 2 huge movies came out the the past 5 years, The Force Awakens and Infinity War and both were 700m behind. Ed Wood meh, Nightmare before Christmas very good but I'd agree Edward Scissorhands is his best - full of heart that movie. He deserved plenty of plaudits at the start of his career but I don't think he's done a good film in 20 years. I dont think you can question that Aquaman has been a big hit. Am pleased for DC to finally get something right, it does highlight how horribly they got it wrong with Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League. Zack Snyders vision was all wrong. Pop in some likeable leads, a brighter colour palete and some well placed humour and boom, you have a movie that people go to see. Avengers 4 will comfortably beat Aquaman at the box office, probably going close to 1.6b worldwide, Spiderman will be lucky to hit 850m, probably nearer 750m. Captain Marvel is a tough one to call, I really think it depends upon word of mouth. The trailers have been pretty weak, I reckon 950m if good, 750m if not so good, and if bad it could impact heavily on Avengers 4 box office numbers. I do think we are getting close to superhero saturation, in particular Marvel movies may struggle to relight interest once the likes of Robert Downey, Chris Evans and Thanos leave the franchise. Watched it at the Odeon cinema in Coventry, England. Remember it well, there was a charity drive going on and the theatre played a 5 minute appeal video on the big screen before the movie. The ushers hand out a load of charity tins for donations, gave it ten minutes for them to be passed around then came back in to collect them. They found they were 2 tins short - some lowlife was trying to steal them! The management refused to show the main attraction till the tins were returned and threatened to call the police. About an hour later, still no T2 everyone was getting seriously angry, people were shouting and threatening the staff. Eventually they were found, 2 young lads were escorted out of the cinema for their own protection and the movie was shown, albeit an hour or more later. Its a damn good job that the movie was so well received, so good that it pacified an atmosphere that had become very toxic and hostile. Lord knows what kind of riot would have occurred if the movie was crap. The second most memorable cinema visit I ever went to....... 1, zombie1, 2, iv, this one The rest I can happily never watch again My conclusion was pretty much identical. I quite liked her, I wasn't blown away but it was a good enough start to think that she will fit the role. The story however was very poor, hoping it will improve but am worried that it will suffer the in the same vein as the past couple of seasons. By far the worst of the 3 big trailers (Aquaman, Godzilla & Shazam) - It looked pretty bad. Shazam on the other hand, looks like it might be fun 1 ESB - The perfect film 2 ANH - Near perfect, just wish the lightsaber duel was more energetic 3 ROJ - Jabbas palace is a tad slow, the 3 pronged simultaneous finale is brilliant 4 FA - Very good, the closeness to ANH wasnt a problem for me 5 ROTS - Emporer was brilliant, let down by Haydens acting 6 R1 - Strong film, I just wish even one survived so it wasnt so bleak 7 LJ - Well acted and filmed but some horrible script choices 8 AC - God awful acting and dialogue between Hayden and Natalie P took me out of the movie 9 PM - The gungans destroyed this film, swap them out for mon calamarians or wookies and it'd be a different movie View all replies >