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I see it having another 45-50m in the us and a further 75-80m international giving us roughly 815-820m 1915-1920m 2730-2740m total So my guess is that itll fall just short of taking the number one spot. Just goes to show what a incredible sum of money Avatar made and if Endgame doesnt take its crown it'll stand as the top movie for some time. Despite the questionable writing and character arcs the sets, costumes, special effects and acting have all remained very strong. So yes, it could have been worse. People like statistics and records, simple as that. Its no different to those who study sports players stats or business stats. I'm suprised no one has set up a fantasy league based on actors and directors box office numbers. Don't disagree about CGI battles - filmmakers are trying to create bigger scenes all the time so much so that it becomes sensory overload. The scene in Aquaman particularly springs to mind. Although I didnt have a major problem with the battle scene in this one. I only came away from the movie a couple of hours ago, perhaps I need to digest it a little more. My observations were just the things that came to the forefront and that stayed with me. Simply wanted to throw a few examples of flaws and tiumphs (in my opinion of course). I could have gone into more depth about the running time and why I felt it slow etc but the longer posts tend to get ignored. I was just hoping to see what the general consensus was, you seem a reasoned and rational person, how did you feel about it? The movies plays as a run of the mill, marginally better than average, fun, camp slasher until that ending. Lulled me into a false sense of security then............BAM - ending hit me like a train. The last 10 seconds makes what would've been a fairly forgettable movie into a very memorable one. I appreciate we should all know right from wrong but wasnt he just a victim of his surroundings? Brought up with wealth and looks, trained by the best and never questioned or challenged. Only when he was taken away from the comfort of the richest and most powerful family in Westeros could he begin to see things from a different perspective. Brienne has a lot to be credited with for the change in him, perhaps if he had met someone like her in his youth his life would have taken a very different path. Interesting theory. I was thinking, If Bran is so sure the Night King is after him why didnt he get himself transported/sneaked into Kings Landing, that way the army of the dead would head there forcing the Lanister army to fight them. The army of Winterfell could follow them up and flank them when the battle starts. Gives the living more of chance. I don't feel they need one, I see this as the end of a chapter. Perhaps if they have some unused footage of Stan Lee it might be good to put that in during the end credits. The Force Awakens was a decent enough movie and set things up nicely for the next installment, I would say the 5th best movie out of the current 8 The Last Jedi was incredibly bad - a horrible movie, managed to mishandle every character - both new and old. By far the worst of the 8 movies so far. This one cannot be as bad as the Last Jedi but given the mess that movie left us with is not likely to be as good as The Force Awakens. Likely to be 7th or 8th out of all of the movies. View all replies >