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Wasn’t it a great book? The movie, notsomuch How do you know this? I loved A Tale of Two Sisters, but this is WAY more like The Other. Not The OtherS. My first thought. So disappointing. 9. Women who are in their sixties avoid sex by claiming they have their period. 10. High heels and a cane, so easy, and hot! Who knew? 11. The lyrics to Lust for Life, when played in a bar, will rearrange themselves. Or something. 12. Whack someone in the head and you can see some brain. 13. Anja get to keep your BFF and walk into the sunset (or whatever the budget suggests). That’s funny. I am 57 and have really long hair. My mother absolutely hates it. Mine has nothing to do with age, though—it’s long because when it’s short I can barely comb it. Hey Nikon, I am still waiting at the Marriott, where we were supposed to hook up after the Roger Dodger love fest we had around ten years ago. You’re awfully late. Dude I am a straight woman. But that ass. Oh mah gawd. Let’s write a screenplay! Lol...just saw your post, haha! Someone asked about this movie on a FB movie board and all I could really remember is that girl’s absolutely beautiful backside. Then I remembered the rest and came back to this thread. He didn’t. Shitty film-making. He was gut-shot and in serious pain. He pretty much either sat or laid down for the rest of the siege. View all replies >