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Late to the post but I don’t see it. Tra La La was a whore. A prostitute. Jessica’s character was a misunderstood (or bored) military wife. Apples & oranges. Both fantastic actors. Of sorts. See my post above. It's a lovers-on-the-run flick that's been done a million times. I even cited B&C, and mentioned that while they were criminals, and Q&S aren't, it's the same old s***. That's the whole point of the movie? Really. Well in that case I will keep my $10 and just turn on the news. You obviously are refusing to entertain the idea that a movie, even if it has black folks in it, can be a tired old cliche. Black people can being boring too. Just saying. Sadly, I totally agree with you. Once she gets her hands on the book, you REALLY have to suspend your belief in realism. Everything fell into place a little too perfectly. And you’re right—we never actually see the crime happen, and that had to be done for a reason. Still, with the subsequent gun shot, it sure seems like he was guilty. I was around five stars up until the finding of the book. Then it went from four to three. Good flick, not great. Definitely a heartbreaker. The kids’ acting is fantastic—they got tears out of me. And Naomi, with her Botox-free forehead. She rules. I see. Well, Blackness in America is ONE of the themes, and I have no problem with that. Another theme here is Wrongly Accused and on the Run. That's what bores me about it. I'm not saying it's a bad movie, just on-the-run movies are passe. I can't think of anything happening in it that hasn't been done a million times. I could be wrong, but this kind of movie doesn't interest me. I suppose I should add not all the movies above are about wrongly accused people, just people on the run who are supposed to be seen as heroic. I'm just tired of that. Why are you "not sure" this is a repeat theme? Are you saying it isn't a repeat theme? This movie has been countless times. Re: Bonnie & Clyde Natural Born Killers Wild at Heart Badlands Gun Crazy The Getaway Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry Legend of Billie Jean Wisdom Thelma and Louise ...and these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head..... Hahahahahaha!!!! Oh, you're right, the James Ingram song was Luke and HOLLY. The Luke and Laura song was Come to Me by James Ingram....I don't think it was that song....I'll have to check. Maybe. Sounds as logical as anything else in this flick! lol View all replies >