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However “nutty” Paul is, the real psychopaths are Claire and Michael. Paul might have been better living with normal people. Couldn’t even hear that line without rerunning it twice. I agree, a travesty on the part of the filmmaker. What was Stan doing in that scene, on the phone I mean? Calling in his press conference or getting some update on his campaign? Aural agony is right. It might have been an arty, moody scene but in the moment it was impossible to follow. I had to rerun it twice. @Silverman says Paul was hallucinating. I saw a rock in his fist and the scene cut before Paul was finished with Beau. Why doesn’t Beau come running to the safety of his father? I had no earthly idea what Paul had done to the poor kid. Keep in mind the first time we saw the ATM we viewed it from an angle in which the boys appear less malicious, and no arson results. So how do we know Paul didn’t harm Beau? I was disgusted that the film ended in such a confusing way. Can anyone comment on the books ending? That kind of glee results from his psychosis not his entitlement issues. Geres son Richard was equally entitled and was he was disturbed by Michaels behavior even though he abetted. Beau was raised alongside Richard and he’s the one who exposed the crime. I think most juries would find Beau to be innocent, Richard to be guilty of aiding and abetting in the worst way and Michael to be the ringleading instigator, if the scene came out accurately at trial. Oh and throw the book at Michaels mother too for cover up. Watched the film last night on Netflix. Nearly quit it in the first two minutes because of the distracting music, glad I stuck with it. I had to repeat the last two minutes after reading your comment because I did not hear Katelyns comments on the phone. This critical line is spoken quietly and amidst a cacophony of others. Extremely poor editing here IMHO. Because we’ve previously been shown scenes that didn’t reveal the truth (first go round at the ATM, matches are thrown but no ignition results), you can’t be sure the Beau hasn’t been killed by his uncle. After investing 2 hours in the film, the viewer should be able to leave knowing that much. Had the worlds first honorable politician stuck to his good instincts and alerted the press immediately he might have saved himself from needing to kick his brothers ass. I’m assuming at the end he was calling in the retirement press conference. Linney’s sociopathy (“it’s homework”) vs Geres honest good man was a joy to watch. I didn’t read the book but I’m curious if the arsonists father’s mental issues were exacerbated by the Linney characters sociopathy. SPOILERS She became overwhelmed with the reality of Philips limitations. He said he was tired and wanted to leave. Unhelpfully, she tried to backpedal, “let’s still be friends” which hurt Philip deeply so he whirled out on his chair, collided with staff who dumped hot coffee on him causing a big scene, and injury, although Philip couldn’t feel it. After a year of the “epistolary relationship” it was a huge let down. Agree. Definitely should have got best picture. We were on the edge of our seats. She should have SO many more films to her credit by now. I am very curious what forces are impeding her, because she is a meteor. Someone to listen to his BS, the son he never had. His own peer group wouldn’t put up w all his BS. Lake Bell is simply amazing! No Escape was awesome too. Let’s see more from Lake Bell! View all replies >