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Agree. Definitely should have got best picture. We were on the edge of our seats. She should have SO many more films to her credit by now. I am very curious what forces are impeding her, because she is a meteor. Someone to listen to his BS, the son he never had. His own peer group wouldn’t put up w all his BS. Lake Bell is simply amazing! No Escape was awesome too. Let’s see more from Lake Bell! I interpreted it differently. There’s a whole thread here on the bathroom scene, I think it was perfect. The executive demonstrates that she understands real feminism and power on a multitude of levels. The quadrilogy film is, ,Ike she says, a fantasy. Carol isn’t “going back” to voice coaching from the same place she left it. She’s got her own followers now, even squeaky baby voice is actually a lawyer. She’ll still do plenty of movies but it only takes 15 min to voice a trailer- she’s offering her services, for a fee, to help a new generation “make a statement “. There’s no throwing feminism under the bus. The relationship with Lewis was a huge step forward in showing a young man and young woman who are falling in love and respectful of one another. Her one nighter with Gustave and how she felt great about it afterwards, although she had no long term interest in him (really he was a bit of s boor) was also great to get on film I adored this movie, Lake Bell should be knighted. Agree. After all the profound compliments she bestowed, she reeled back a bit to keep it real. And because Carol was so stupid to say “I know I was the best” that’s not something you say in any professional context. I think the movie exec just didn’t want her to walk away with her head swelled up. She gave three phenomenal compliments first, then put s little pepper on it to keep it real. A great scene, the power discussion. Her relationship with Lewis was a highlight of the movie for me. An actual respectful and sexy relationship on film. I liked it. She goes back to reality, she’s still has to work for a living but what a much better place she’s in He’s a typical aging misogynist bastard struggling to come to grips with his own mortality. A pathetic character for sure; sadly, there’s no shortage of these clowns. One is currently occupying the Oval Office. View all replies >