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It's not just them, It's everybody. Even the elderly lady sitting next to ted when he has his "Drinking Problem". I watch a lot of tutorials on Youtube and many times use the 1.5 speed. It's a speed where (if you're listening) you can still understand everything they're saying. I doubt I'd watch a movie or TV show at that speed. There can only be one, Pilgrim. I may be in my mid 40's but I certainly never grew up. I stopped watching around season 15 and by then I had only been watching it when I had nothing else to watch. I loved the show when it first came out all those years ago but somewhere it just stopped being funny for me. Just this week they brought it onto Netflix in my area so I thought I'd give it another go, starting where I left off, but gave up after a few episodes. What about people who use "of" instead of "have" (I would of prefered the latter) My god, the proof was right in front of us the whole time. You're not thinking fourth dimensionally...Punk! You're not the only one. These were my feeling exactly. To add to your list, the songs just weren't very rememberable. The only one I found catchy was "Nowhere to go but up", which is very formulaic (it reminded me of the song from Family Guy, "It's a wonderful day for pie", which itself was a parody of Disney musicals). You'll know when you go blind View all replies >