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He is a One Term President How will Shao Kahn be portrayed in the sequel? Wants to Ban Menthol Cigarettes Mask Mandate segment from last night 4/26 The lowest rated Oscars in history. If there's any decency left in this world the new Space Jam will bomb horribly I know he only wants to make ten movies but.. Do kids only know about Road House from Family Guy? Anyone else going to watch the original movies before the new one comes out? Former Bachelor Colton Underwood comes out as Gay. View all posts >


I remember the vhs covers in rental stores. I imagine this will fit in among the torture porn films. Try YouTube It's possible but I don't think there would be any document ed proof of it. Now he claims to be some expert on Climate Change. That's a scary thought. Bob Dole had limited use of his left arm from being in WW2. I never saw that as a big deal. He was more than capable compared to Joe with his mental gaffes. The Media made such a big deal of him being too old to be president. I think he was 70 years old at the time. We have now had President Trump who was in his early 70s during his term and are now dealing with the horror of Dementia Joe at 78. I'm still hoping they make a Crank 3. The world needs it with everyone being so concerned with being so politically correct. The Woke crowd would go nuts. He pretty much did make a direct threat against the cop. I hope new Space Jam tanks. I’ve got the imported soundtrack. It’s also got some tracks on it from Teen Wolf Too as well. View all replies >