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Will Disney stop denying Season 10 exists? I just signed up for Youtube premium to get rid of the political ads. I wish I did it sooner. I thought the Borat Character was retired Anyone else a fan here? Why on earth are Joe Biden ads airing during football games? German 4k Remaster, why hasn't this been released in the US yet? An F-bomb in a PG movie Does anyone here own the Complete Series DVD set? When is the best time to upgrade a cellphone? View all posts >


If Biden somehow wins the stupid people will be in the majority and it's as if the voters will have given a stamp of approval to the political violence we've dealt with this year. That should frighten everyone. Because he's saying what his handlers tell him to. I avoid a lot of those problems by going to movies late at night or on weekdays. I still see them as relevant to the Skywalker story and they are all better movies than the sequel trilogy. Episodes 7-9 of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. It's not really scary it's just goofy fun. Unless you just really hate clowns I'd highly recommend it. Morons like to virtue signal a lot. Haven't seen it but is anyone surprised? I think I saw an online news article saying production was made up entirely of women. If the crew were all men the crazies would lose their minds. True female privilege if you ask me. So portraying a movie with a cast that is accurate for the time is now a problem? No its not and you're a racist. The boat chase at the end of Face/Off is fantastic. View all replies >