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Was Harlan banging Marta? Why did Ford hire Ken? Why aren't the Griffins in prison? Why didn't they use a plane to send the message? Mole! Why were the Japanese screaming all the time? How can Disney be stopped from making more SW movies and TV shows? What was wrong with Peggy? When will they stop? Does she have a boyfriend? View all posts >


[quote]Shelby... He knew Ken's true value to the racing team.[/quote] But what exactly was his value, what did he do that others couldn't do, I never understood Shelby's obsession with him... [quote]Did you watch the movie?[/quote] Duhh! In the first scene he appears, he insults a client who wants his car fixed. He then sexually harasses a woman who comes to visit his shop. Then he is at a race and starts to threaten an official who disqualifies him. Shelby jumps to his defense, and instead of being grateful he throws a wrench at him. He is somehow allowed in the race and harasses other drivers. For some reason, Shelby sticks around. When Ford enters the racing business Shelby goes to recruit Ken but is mocked and laughed at. Ken then goes to a Ford event, he insults a Ford executive and a newly launched Ford car. He rudely leaves during the middle of a speech given by Shelby. Shelby seems obsessed with Ken, comes and visits him in the middle of the night and takes him to see the new Ford GT40. Ken criticizes and denigrates the car. Can someone explain how this obnoxious, failure of a man ended up having a successful career? Looks like she's a gamer girl now, she's on twitch and youtube streaming video games, LOL! [quote]Memieto, he’s trying to tell you there were no Nazis in WWI. [/quote] There were many Nazis in WWI, including Hitler who was a soldier at that time. He was a message-runner just like the main characters in this movie, it would have been cool if they had bumped into him... Germans, Nazis = same thing! The photo is from imdb and they are running a little scam there. They put the most unflattering photo on the front page, to persuade celebrities to get a paid Imdb pro account and be able to change their photos. The Nazis were very evil - they tortured, raped and killed many people including civilians, they were the first to use poison gas, they bombed undefended towns without warning, they sunk civilian ships with their submarines, etc. It's nothing like Gallipoli. [quote]I'm sure she would've grabbed a handful at some point.[/quote] Women almost never initiate sex, if the man doesn't make a move, then a relationship can stay sexless indefinitely, there was a case when a woman found out after a few decades of marriage that her husband who just died was actually a woman, they never had sex... He explained that his relationship with his wife is not physical, so he's probably just a cuck husband, he just betabux. View all replies >