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Why would I care? This franchise is not for me. I'm just an old white male who saw the original movie in the theater so by the definition of Disney SW I'm an evil, backwards oppressor who is everything wrong with SW... Why would I want to watch exactly? It would be like going back to an abusive relationship at this point. I was a little disappointed we didn't get a scene of Hulk/Banner summoning up his inner monster for one last beatdown with Thanos... But in a movie so packed with stuff I'm not surprised they didn't find room for it. He did get his big scene with the gauntlet... But his MCU story arc may not be over yet. Maybe he will go to work in Wakanda, now that Suri is back, and reappear in the Black Panther movies... or something. You never know. Maybe they did go a little far in rubbing it in with Thor... But he did have his redemption, he discovered he was still worthy, had some badass battle moments and was back in good spirits by the end... They didn't do a Luke Skywalker on him or anything! So even if he does everything the best he can, rooting out Hydra and all that, he still ends up stealing Peggy from the original Steve Rogers of that timeline, which seems like kind of a dick move. Maybe the original Steve Rogers from that timeline will go on to eventually go back to an older timeline and steal the Peggy from that timeline's Steve Rogers... Leading to an endless quantum-wave of Steve-stealing-Peggys through the multiverse... So in the end all the Steves end up with Peggys, but only by stealing them from the Steve from one adjacent timeline over! Happy ending, right? I think it is fair to say the film leave it open to interpretation. An old Steve looking back on a life with Peggy and saying "It was beautiful..." does not preclude it was also full of activity, and the stuff about the platform and what Steve was wearing is really just a quibble. The main point is BY THE TIME TRAVEL LOGIC THE MOVIE HAS SET UP, Cap HAD to have created an alternate timeline when he went back. The idea of him living out a "secret" life in the "main" timeline flies in the face of everything established about time travel in the rest of the movie. The Russos have confirmed that this was their intention, and it's pretty obvious why they didn't try to shoehorn in some kind of explanation in that last scene with Cap since it just would have felt contrived and detracted from the emotional impact of the scene. There is certainly nothing in the film as it is that contradicts the idea that Cap at the end has traveled from an alternate timeline. ... not to mention trying to prevent Thanos from getting the Stones so the Snap never happens, Black Widow doesn't die, Tony doesn't die... Steve would have a "Groundhog Day"-like ability to try to engineer the best possible outcome for his new timeline. The whole idea of Cap "hiding out and letting events play out as they did before" is based on a Back to the Future idea of time travel, which this movie has specifically repudiated. According the the rules the movie has set up, ANY time you alter events in the past, it creates an alternate timeline. There's no reason it would be any different when Steve decides to stay in the past with Peggy. He would obviously understand this, being a seasoned time traveler at this point... There would be no guarantee ANYTHING would play out "as it did before" so basically it would be on Cap to try to ensure the best possible outcome for his new timeline. Cap being Cap, could he really be happy just "playing house" with Peggy, knowing that Bucky is being tortured somewhere and turned into a murderous assassin, Hydra is infesting society and corrupting SHIELD, the threat of Thanos is developing somewhere out in space... And with NO reason to assume, given this movie's rules of time travel, that things would "play out as they did before." In the comics, both Bucky and Sam became Captain America at some point... In the movies, it made sense they chose Sam because he's younger and more idealistic and not compromised by years of being a brainwashed assassin, like Bucky. Plus he is already known to the public as an Avenger and ally of Steve Rogers, so it makes sense from a PR standpoint he would take up the mantle. Nah, she was too busy having a Girl Power moment somewhere... or getting her hair done again... It has set a #1 record for most desperate attempts by trolls to put a negative spin on a movie's resounding success! SNAP Not necessarily, since a new timeline has been created, and now things could play out in any number of ways. This is made explicit in the discussion with the Ancient One... Also new alternate timelines have been created, one where Loki escaped with the cube, one where Thanos and his minions jumped to a future timeline where they got destroyed (good deal for that timeline!) and so on. When Cap ran into his past self, he didn't hesitate to tell him about the truth about Bucky and Hydra, knowing full well his past self would feel compelled to investigate it. True, he also wanted to distract him so he could knock him out, but the point is he had no qualms about passing on information he knew would seriously alter the course of events. The way time travel works in the movie you don't have to worry about "altering the course of events" the way you would in a BttF scenario. If he didn't hesitate to give his past self timeline-altering information, why would he hesitate to right wrongs he knows exist from his future knowledge? He would know about the Hydra threat so maybe he and Peggy would be able to create a SHIELD free from the Hydra taint. He would be looking to find and save Bucky. Maybe Cap would take charge of the "Avengers project" for that timeline and get it started much earlier - maybe he'd be the one to recruit Nick Fury this time! Because if you think about it he'd have to know his new timeline would have its own Thanos and he would want to start preparing for that as soon as possible, maybe by preemptively finding Infinty Stones... But meanwhile, what about that other Steve Rogers, frozen in the ice...? There would be no good reason to leave him frozen and surely Steve would want to help his past self, so he would find him and thaw him out. Then there arises that awkward situation with Peggy. I suppose future Steve could leave past Steve "on ice" while he grows old with Peggy, then thaw him out and let him have Sharon Carter as a consolation prize! LOL View all replies >