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<blockquote>But the USA has freedom of speech and rule of law</blockquote> Awwwww that's sweet... Seen any unicorns lately? I guess I kind of thought she was attractive before I actually heard her talking about stuff... Now, ugh. Another idea was if we assume he could get more Pym particles maybe he could find a timeline that was doomed to be destroyed and kidnap the Peggy from that timeline (thus dodging the "but he's stealing her from his other self/original husband" issue) and then take her to the Thanos-less timeline which was left when the Thanos in Endgame time traveled and then got killed. There they could safely live happy ever after without the threat of Thanos... The thing about the infinite loop is that with all the changes Cap makes to the timeline there's no reason to assume the Cap of that timeline would even have a reason to go back... Wouldn't one of Cap's priorities be to prepare for the inevitable coming of Thanos, which he would know about way in advance of anyone in that timeline? If they could prevent Thanos from getting the Stones and ever doing the Snap there'd be no reason for anyone to go back in time anymore. Then Cap would bascially just be going back to steal Peggy from the other Cap, which seems kind of un-Cap... I suppose Cap could take back some extra Pym particles, then he could take the other Cap aside and explain "Hey buddy I'm gonna steal your Peggy but here's some Pym particles, now you can go back and steal your own Peggy, just be sure to give these Pym particles to the next Cap in line so he can keep it going..." I had a topic about this a while back... Yeah it's pretty much a can of worms whichever way you go with it. If you want it explained away you could just go with Cap never actually knew where he was frozen, so he was never able to find his other self, but maybe the other Cap finally gets found once Cap has grown old with Peggy... Then the other Cap could have Sharon Carter as a consolation prize for losing the love of his life.... LOL. Sucks to be that Cap! I had some other explanations worked out but they were way more convoluted. Well, white people are the new all-purpose villains... They're the one people you can demonize without anyone getting too offended... And white people have generally been too hypnotized by universal humanitarian BS that they don't notice what's going on. She seemed pretty warped... She actually pulled a fake suicide attempt to basically force Hitler to take care of her. He was devastated by the recent suicide of his beloved niece so it was an easy way to manipulate him. As for the bullet on top of the cyanide, it was just to make extra sure. Wouldn't want to survive and get hauled before a world tribunal or anything... We really don't know the behind the scenes terms of the deal with Sony. But Sony would be idiots to try to take Spiderman out of the MCU... to do what with him exactly? The ASM movies proved they don't know what to do with the property. This is a good deal all around... Sony was smart enough to make the deal with Marvel in the first place so I bet they'll be smart enough to stay with it. Having some sort of mentor figure is a basic part of Peter's character. Everything else about the relationship is very different. Ben and Tony are very different people and the circumstances of the relationship are very different. They have actually... what's that word again... oh right... CHANGED. If you're going to pretend to not understand basic English just so you can keep trolling, there's probably no point in trying to have a discussion with you. GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR My point was that they did change the FORMULA (which is what this topic is about) but did not change Peter's essential CHARACTER. I'm sure you'll have some devastating, though specious, response... If your little moments of "victory" help you get through your day that's okay, really... I'm not judging. View all replies >