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Can a Sheriff? Finish Him? Why do they keep calling Moe "he" I wanted to see Sandy fight Hanna Oculus no longer has the scariest mirror The flying scene Whats a homerun in Florida? Where can i get a shotgun with a rocket launcher attachment? VJ and Ari classroom scene Reminds me of Becky View all posts >


FATALITY! Honest Trailers calls it a Wish Wang, so yeah,we see it. She looka like a man Little school girls say giggling. You are drinking something fruity like Zima, no way you could handle a real beer. I cracked up when one of the kids said "calm down lady" Do you even watch the show? She wears a dress 95% of the time, but then suppress her "female" side to fit in with the church choir. How are you liking it so far? They've moved past the Season1 downer of a dad, but they haven't quite found the fun again. Now it's all characters having problems. Not even Johnny Cochrane and the dream team could get him off. Yeah that jump scare got me too. He didnt "lose" his gf. He dumped her. He choose to be a MGTOW over banging Supergirl. View all replies >