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objviewer - always trust your instincts!! yours are good. Each time I catch a scene from this movie again on TV (except for the beginning & end airport scenes of real people), I cringe a little more than I did the last time. Not to mention that the kid who plays Liam Neeson's son appears to be about 8 years old and his crush looks 15. It's like Dwight Schrute having an affair with Meryl Streep. I always hated this movie, found it unreal with contrived dialogue - till yesterday when I happened to catch it on TV and all of a sudden got it. Vincent Canby said, "It's because of the utterly demonic skill with which these foulmouthed characters carve one another up in futile attempts to stave off disaster." It all came together and I saw what Mamet was trying to do. It's kind of a farce in a way and that's what always eluded me. Also Some Like It Hot, China Syndrome. But in Glengarry he is beyond awesome. I don't agree - 2 different animals. The short story was a very smart and ironic tale with a gruesome twist. The novel was an indictment of a class of people that Waugh saw as emerging in England who were so greedy and selfish that they would destroy everything precious in life to get what they wanted. I would have liked that, too, but it wouldn't have been true to what Evelyn Waugh was really writing about, which was an emerging social class of people who were so greedy that they would trample all over those precious things you mentioned, and more. Worth it for the all the scenes with Hauser & Rockwell, for Nina Arianda as Nadya, and for Kathy Bates at the press conference. I was blown away by his performance. Quite a difficult role to pull off the way he did, showing not just the guy's nerdiness but his intelligence and integrity. I think he deserved the Oscar nomination more than DiCaprio. :) Yes, not a single bad performance. Have to mention Rebel Wilson, too - every move she made was hilarious. Well, maybe their guilt induced them to let her in, but to me it did not seem realistic in the least given how shrewd they all were up to that point. I think especially the daughter would have been hip enough to know that letting in someone whom the Parks had dismissed unjustly was not only dangerous but would be a serious breach of privacy, and the daughter's ability to act haughty and entitled in every other situation would have made it the most logical response to tell her to wait at the door while SHE collected the item for her. Of course, the filmmaker knew it wasn't an "item" she came to retrieve, so maybe that colored things as well. View all replies >