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these crazy feminazis are creating more and more hatred for feminism. We want to watch a good action movie, not be lecture, not to have male characters ridiculed in the f** movies. Amen to that. Yes solid movie I predict very bad. Yes. Good movie. Not exceptional but solid. Okay we get the same interpretation. I will try to watch "The Kaleidoscope", never heard of this one, the score is bad on imdb but if you liked it and this one, then I probably will too. I am not sure. I understand it as some kind of symbol; the boy entering the cave could be the boy putting the all story in the past, putting it behind and moving on in his life. But it could be the complete opposite; with the cave being the ugly souvenirs, and the boy entering it, could mean he can't escape his past, or that he decides to tell the truth about his past. Tbh the second version seems to fit more I think, cause when he looks at the cave we can see flashbacks of the murder. I'd like to hear what other ppl think, but no one as seen this movie apparently. I just re-watched some part to make sure and wasn't confused, and those scenes are brilliant. You mean the cave scene ? I agree. Still looks older than the average 12yo. View all replies >