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I will never understand why Americans need a remake. The movie is great, the remake will not be as godd, if not a complete mess like most of the time. Yes, you can even fast easily 5 days without water, water is synthtesed by burning fat, like the camel does in the desert. Lol completely false, you can go days without eating and have no problems at all. it's called fasting and that clearly is not a strecht in the movie. Had he been played by a black actor, then he would have been the symbol of black supremacists ? Or is just whites that can be racists ? No I don't thinhk the husband is the boy, he was not able to fool her for long in the house, so I don't see I he could have later. But the inception kind of stuff is confusing and it could be that they are still ion the room maybe... these crazy feminazis are creating more and more hatred for feminism. We want to watch a good action movie, not be lecture, not to have male characters ridiculed in the f** movies. Amen to that. Yes solid movie I predict very bad. Yes. Good movie. Not exceptional but solid. View all replies >