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i have a lot of things i did as a kid that i have deep regrets over. stupid selfish things that make me cringe when i look back on them. i've made plenty of mistakes, more than most probably, but those are the things that wear on me the most. this actually happened to me quite recently. i was walking home from work & walked past a pair of women returning to the office. about 15 seconds later i found a pair of 20s on the sidewalk. i have to be honest & admit that my first thought was 'free dinner at the indian restaurant tonight' but i quickly put together that the cash must have come from the people i work with, so i ran up to them & gave them their money. people who stand two inches behind you in grocery checkout lines & breath down your neck. i have two responses to that. first: i don't think it's right to be quite so dismissive of suicide or accidents or alcoholics. those things often cause as much pain to the family of that person as a murder, so we should think of those people as well. second: absolutely true that rifles can kill that many people in a short amount of time. but that's where i would point back to those stats. there are far fewer people killed in those kinds of incidents than those where handguns were used, and much fewer than suicides. this is one of the areas where i think people focus far too much on low-probability/high impact incidents to our own detriment. we could save many more lives if we focused on the issues we could realistically prevent. many of those handgun deaths come from street violence. we all have heard about chicago problems. we could focus on suicide issues. i think there's a very good chance proper policy could reduce those deaths. there's many more of those kinds of deaths, & if you care about human misery & preventing suffering, then i think that's the best area to direct your energy. mass deaths from rifle shootings are much less predictable, much more random, & i'm not sure there's any realistic public policy that would prevent those things from happening. if we let the terror those incidents cause to drive us to spend all our energy on that issue, we'll be focusing on fewer deaths, and in an area where we likely have less chance of success. and we should also think of the millions & millions of people who own & use those rifles who don't hurt anyone, who use them for hunting or target practice or just to have for their own protection. i don't think it makes sense to take away something from those people in the name of doing something that we're not even sure would prevent these kinds of incidents from happening. i'd say 6. but generally most of the prestige pictures come in the last 1/3 of the year, so it's not completely fair to judge against prior years. my top 10 of the year is: climax apollo 11 avengers endgame tigers are not afraid once upon a time in hollywood holiday misommar rolling thunder review under the silver lake dragged across concrete i like all those films a lot, love some of them. but if i compare that to my 18/17/16 favourites, i think that's a weaker list for sure. but we're only a bit over the 2/3s mark, of course. always. i just find i lose a lot of dialogue to mumbling & loud scores, & even if i don't i just like having the dialogue there in case i do miss something. that's the one, yes. i've actually been planning to give it a re-watch. beyond the valley of the dolls aguirre, the wrath of god stroszek alien stalker the enigma of kaspar hauser mirror taxi driver solaris texas chainsaw massacre salo last house on the left ali: fear eats the soul oldboy, maybe? i never found lawrence appealing myself - too blonde, too girl next door-ish for my tastes. undeniably attractive, of course, but nobody that i'd particularly fancy. her loss, of course. until i saw her look in silver linings playbook. the dark hair and style almost suggested vaguely troubled, angry punky girl, & that is something that kinda gets my motor running. but in general, i fancy stewart's look and style a lot more. & i think she generally chooses more interesting movies as well. View all replies >