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heavy metal knitting championships - finland morbid music trivia streaming on kanopy there's 8 of them - what's your ranking... read anything interesting recently? retro puppet master - greg sestero's first role tell me what movie to see: godzilla vs dark phoenix recommend a song you think most people won't know. criterion channel - viva & love witch streaming on tubi-tv - free ad-based service View all posts >


there were about six different deep purples, i suppose. if you just look at the four albums made in the early 70s by the classic line-up, i'd say those are all pretty good records, & some of the songs on them are really inspired. i actually don't like machine head that much (i like it, just don't think it's a great album), & much prefer in rock & fireball. i also don't mind perfect strangers, & i quite like a lot of tracks on house of the blue light, the mid-80s albums that line-up put out. i'd rate that band an 8. i think knitting is pretty cool. i wish i had the patience for it. anyway, there are interesting articles & books on art & evolution. it's been some years since i did any serious reading on it myself, but if you're sincere & really want to know the answers to such things, and not a locked in creationist, i'd suggest going to something like this. CARTA: Evolutionary Origins of Art and Aesthetics: Neurobiology, Neurology and Art and Aesthetics at its core, your question is not a bad one, & it's one that's been debated & speculated on. where i think you're going astray is in repurposing an interesting question to make a case for a creator & against evolution. that seems to me to be a straight 'god of the gaps' argument - i don't understand how evolution could do this, therefore god. that's just not a good case, because even if we don't understand how it could be done, that doesn't mean it can't be done. it just means that we don't understand it, and we shouldn't allow ourselves to let in any kind of argument for superstition or religion into a scientific question when we may not know the answer. that is a path to madness, to giving equal weight to every possible speculation. i could just sit here and say 'a wizard did it!' & i think there are good answers for this question anyway, certainly interesting speculative ones, in that art recreates an emotional rush akin to the feelings & world of emotions we've evolved over the years - love & hatred & jealousy & awe. it may seem that there ought to be no evolutionary selection to be able to play the piano or write a play like shakespeare, but i think when you look into how human emotion evolved to aid in kin selection & parenting & pair bonding, it seems like it may be an interesting & fun convergent characteristic. dogs, as much variation as exists within that species, are still a distinct species. the variation that exists within birds has evolved over time to the extent that the 1000s of species of birds that exist cannot interbreed - that's contained within the definition of species. that happens through some means of separation. see the variation that shows up in darwin's finches, for example. so when species get separated geographically, or when they evolve subtle differences that lead them to exploit different terrain, this will send them down a path where they will no longer interact with variations within their own species, and at some point mutations and naturally selected differences will accumulate to the extent they can no longer interbreed, & they are a new species. this is taught because it aligns with all the evidence we see in the world around us - paleontology, genetics, all of it. i think it's an interesting topic as well. there have been several recent studies that have suggested that female sexual fluidity might be an adaptation to help women secure more resources for parenting & general life survival in instances of rape/male mate death or general male absenteeism. i think that's a very intriguing idea, one that feels very right to me, but of course you always have to be resistant to ideas that play to your notion of how you think the world works. i think complete homosexuality, perhaps particularly in males, is a much tougher nut to crack perhaps, in that this is something that would take information right out of the pool, so to speak. very good list you've put together. lots of people where you know the face automatically, but often don't know the name. my own 'that guy...' the recently deceased dick miller i remember really liking his character in that film & the film in general, but it's been long enough since i watched it that my memory of it is too vague to really name it as a fav. fargo lean on pete mystery train if disney wants endgame to pass avatar, at this point they can make it happen. if it doesn't make it in the next 3-4 weeks of release (which i think it almost certainly will), they can give it another little push into drive-ins (they still exist!) and 2nd run theatres at the end of the summer. View all replies >