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I agree Castillo was awesome, but I'm glad he didn't get any more airtime or storylines than he got. And I'm glad there was no spinoff. Part of his mystique was the mystery that surrounded him. With Castillo...less is more. Overexposure would dilute that mystique. One of my favorite Castillo scenes is in one of his first episodes (One Eyed Jack). Tubbs walks up to him and says: "Man, who's side are you on, anyway?" To which Castillo calmly says: "Don't ever step up to my face again, detective." The way he says know he MEANT it. Besides, Jon has a dad bod, not a superhero bod. I'm starting to think Billy is the only one who can fully handle the Oscars. And he makes it look easy. I think their dialogue in the next scene (at the casino) suggests they did. It's worth seeing. Better than I thought it would be. There was a jaw-dropping (and heartbreaking) coincidence in the move. One of the main characters picks up a newspaper and sees a headline that says: "5 Teens Killed in Fire". This, after the tragedy that just happened this week with the escape room fire in Poland. I'm surprised there aren't 30 posts about this already... Prayers to the families. What a terrible tragedy. I couldn't imagine. Agreed. Casino Royale was a masterpiece. For those who found it "boring"......there's always Fast & Furious 12. Mr. Big had his flaws...and so did Carrie. But deep down, they were perfect for each other. In fact, in many ways...they were mirror images of each other. Sure, they knew how to push each other's buttons. And yes, they both played a lot of games...and danced around their true feelings for each other. But in the end, they had so much in common. They loved New York. They loved going out on the town and enjoying the city. They loved going out for a great meal, going dancing, doing quirky, classic things (like horse-drawn carriage rides...dancing to oldies....going to jazz clubs.....) Plus, they cracked each other up--brought out the silly side of each other. That's when you REALLY know it's right--when you can be in the midst of a heated argument...and suddenly burst into laughter. I think Big was cooler than people give him credit for. And he came through for Carrie in ways she needed most. I loved the episode the end of a crummy birthday, in which she was left hangin' at a restaurant by all her friends who never showed....she walked home alone, only to find Big waiting for her with a bundle of red balloons and champagne....and a Happy Birthday when she needed it most. He was cool like that. Sure, it's easy to rubber-stamp him with various cliche labels. And neither Big nor Carrie were perfect. But they were perfect for EACH OTHER. And there's no doubt they loved each other. It just took a long time for them to finally admit it to each other. Mickey Rourke is probably the most interesting....most talented...and most tragic. I agree. The unique score was one of many things I really liked about this movie. It really set a certain tone which, IMO, really fit the story and environment. Especially in the Memphis area and that classic law firm. View all replies >