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test Are we going to see or hear from the Oceanside community again? Roger is in a brief scene in Casino Royale... Jamie's closest allies....(Spoilers, if you're binge-watching) Regarding the aftermath of the opening scene.... The acting of Tobias.... Not sure why we assume they are "creatures"....SPOILERS Carl Weathers... View all posts >


Henry was a total chowderhead, but he was OUR chowderhead. Henry is a total chowderhead, but he means well. Hopefully he will wise-up. And what about Heath? Where the heck did Heath Go? I think he misread the room, badly. He probably felt he'd come across as "woke", and he'd get mad respect for being honest....and starting an open and honest dialogue. Nope. The angry mobs don't want to forgive....they want to castigate. They want payback--their pound of flesh. The Grey Rob Roy Taken The Bounty Batman Begins I think a key element to the story that is being misunderstood is....people think he was saying he wanted to find any random black man to attack. I think what he was saying was...he was hoping a black man would attack him so he could have a chance to fight back, and take out his anger that way. Still not a good mindset....but people (might) understand that a bit more than if they think he just wanted to go find any random, innocent guy and attack him. At least if he (Liam) was being attacked first, then he would have every right to defend himself. And the attacker would kinda have it coming to him. In that scenario, him walking around looking for trouble would still be a bad decision. And yes....talking about his mindset 40 years ago, in a recent interview...was just a really bad call. I think he was thinking he'd get a pass...maybe even kudos...for being open and honest about past mistakes, and starting a dialogue about a topic others lurk in the shadows about. Ummm, that was a huge miscalculation. In today's culture, a middle-aged white guy will just NEVER get points for trying to appear "woke". No...he will get publicly castigated, as maginalized groups with this newfound power you mentioned....exact their revenge on him. It is a mob mentality...and people love piling-on....banging the drums loudly, until the witch is driven out into the streets for justice. It's not open and honest dialogue they want. And they don't want to talk forgiveness, or and understanding. No....they just want a pound of flesh. And then, they want the transgressors ruined permanently....banished, never to return. And by banishing enough of them, the scales will tip in favor of the marginalized. And they will then have the power. Human nature, I'm afraid...has become rather shitty. I agree Castillo was awesome, but I'm glad he didn't get any more airtime or storylines than he got. And I'm glad there was no spinoff. Part of his mystique was the mystery that surrounded him. With Castillo...less is more. Overexposure would dilute that mystique. One of my favorite Castillo scenes is in one of his first episodes (One Eyed Jack). Tubbs walks up to him and says: "Man, who's side are you on, anyway?" To which Castillo calmly says: "Don't ever step up to my face again, detective." The way he says know he MEANT it. Besides, Jon has a dad bod, not a superhero bod. I'm starting to think Billy is the only one who can fully handle the Oscars. And he makes it look easy. I think their dialogue in the next scene (at the casino) suggests they did. View all replies >