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Making a Star Wars film is difficult... Is/will this series be in Disney+ Joker is a great financial success, however... So Jonah Hill will play the Penguin after all? (Spoilers) Thank you... Spider-Man will lead Avengers not Captain Marvel Tom Holland will play two incarnations of Spider-Man. Disney considering buying Spider-Man film rights back. Armie Hammer to replace Henry Cavil as Superman? View all posts >


Thanks. I can think if two reasons why he cyborg was part of the team: 1. I think this is 100% true, Cyborg was added to the Justice League in New 52 and the films followed it. 2. I don't know how likely this is but I think it is highly likely.. they wanted to add an african-american in the team. Well I will continue to post this kind of news because there are people who care. You only say that you don't care because you don't like it otherwise you wouldn't make such a salty comment. WB only trusts Batman. I'm skeptical about ir reaching 1B. I think more the 800M mark, but who knows. I say secret because the X-Men try to hide their power to normal humans since they fear mutants. Yes they most of the X-Men don't wear masks but they "hide and fight in the shadows" It would be really stupid if every heroes and villains identity would be exposed to the world. If heroes don't hide their faces than their is no reason to use masks. The X-Men will surely be secret though but I doubt the Fantastic Four will. Secret identities are meaningless in the MCU though. Everyone knows who is who. Spider-Man was the only one whose identity was a secret. But it makes the mask kinda meaningless if everyone will continue to know Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Yeah I can't see how they could fix this any other way if at all. Except time travel of course. I prefered that he really worked in cinema like in the comics. View all replies >