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Will be a full reboot... Robert Pattinson as Batman? Aquaman spin-off in the works Can you imagine Tom Holland fighting enemies with guns? Wish he were Lobo Nicholas Hoult as a younger Bruce Wayne Are you hyped for the trailer? Will Mordo be the new Loki? Rating almost confirms Venom in the MCU View all posts >


Armie Hammer would be great... but I heard that WB wants an even younger batman. I know that this is a rumor though, so nothing is confirmed. Nicholas Hoult I'm actually happy. If they ignore the last films (minus Wonder Woman) and continue like they never happened that would be the best they could do. I'm a DC fan first. I want the best for DC and the best is a reboot but there is still an universe. Aquaman will be standalone with no mention of other heroes, but it's how it should be and it still makes part of the same universe as Wonder Woman Flash and Green Lantern Corps or even Shazam! We are almost one month away from the film so I think it's fair to try predict it. I preferred that they didn't use WW84 to reboot the DCEU, more that they pretend they never happened and move on. I much want to see how the film was supposed to be shown rather how they are doing now. Also to erase something that something must have happened at least. If Aquaman flops the rumor that Wonder Woman 84 reboots the DCEU will be true with Jason Momoa probably out. If Aquaman flops Jason Momoa will be out, but he and Wan have already plans for a sequel. This film seems to be made with more heart and Soul than the other ones that were not well received. And WB seems to give the director more liberty, not to mention there is no rush to get to the Justice League anymore. We have reasons now to believe in the DCEU. I ask myself wehre they got those numbers, if the film gets well received by critics it probably will make more (not saying it will be 100 M like WW but stil it could be close). And I believe it will be well received by them. BvS, SS and JL never made me hyped. This film however is different though. Would pick him but there are the one I would pick would be Jeremy Irvine. View all replies >