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Will be a full reboot... Robert Pattinson as Batman? Aquaman spin-off in the works Can you imagine Tom Holland fighting enemies with guns? Wish he were Lobo Nicholas Hoult as a younger Bruce Wayne Are you hyped for the trailer? Will Mordo be the new Loki? View all posts >


Not interested in Lego films. I want the real thing. I doubt that will happen soon, if at all. <quote>Pierce Brosnan as Alfred would be a no-brainer and <b>having a former Bond actor in the role would suit the character's military background</b></quote>. I want to see Alfred fighting some thugs. Maybe protecting Wayne Manor while doing it. Exactly, I actually think that Pattinsons Batman will be very different from Afflecks, and he will probably be the Batman that we know from the Comics (including detective work.) I actually think they will make so Pattinsons Batman was always with the team and had the same face. I think it will be more of a reboot and unrelated to Afflecks Batman. I believe Afflecks Batman will be removed from canon. We aren't all the same, therefore we don't react the same. Some kids would love to have powers, others would hate to have them because they love to be normal and don't want to be "freaks" and there are those who simply don't care. Personalities decide our reactions to things. But the point is... Billy would never react the way Shazam did. For example Billy would never move his legs the way Shazam did after Freddy lied to him being Invisible, Shazams personality simply doesn't suits Billys, because Billy isn't as Goofy as Shazam shows to be. Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam are connected and so will the sequels. It will be reborn. Billy is 14/15. There are alot of teenagers who don't care about Superhero stuff and still wouldn't if they had powers. And even if they would they wouldn't react the way Shazam did. Billys and Shazams personalities are to different to consider them the same person no matter how happy Billy was with his new get powers. View all replies >