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Just watched it..loved it She looks like... They Made you SUFFER... Basically the British saving Private Ryan He has completely sold out... Amy Grant Hated this when It came out.. The Official SyFy TZ Marathon Thread The E! TV channel Marathon Jean Shepherd cameo View all posts >


Hastily put together documentary...No real challenge..Just a bunch of people trying to be famous... yeah I am watching it now and i'm like.."the fuck?" Worst documentary ever. I think this film is great because it was one of the first to tell the story of a time when the porn industry was in it's infancy. When porn director's and actors were larger than life. (or so they thought) You have to remember when this movie came out Porn had been on VHS tapes for almost 20 years and was seen as a thing that anyone with a camera could make and produce. This movie tells the story when Porn was shot on film and shown on the big screen..The golden age of porn if you will. Film makers like Jack Horner actually thought they would one day be recognized as real film Maker's like the ones at the Oscar's. The actor's who starred in them were just as delusional. This plus you have an all star cast with amazing acting from not only the stars but the supporting cast that would go on to be A Listers because of this film, and one of the best soundtracks ever is why it's considered great. I had football coaches like that in the 7th grade. I hated it...I quit after the first game because I didnt understand how to read football plays and I wasnt going to stick around for the verbal abuse because I didnt know how. This movie had nothing to do with ending WCW..and there was nothing this movie could have done that would have helped save it. It's a damn good movie in its own right and to this day one of my favorites. I think 4D already exists. Google 4DX. I don't think there is any specific time setting..but I don't get a 90s vibe. The 90s was all about CRACK. Exactly Otter. Also I thought the movie explained that he just really likes the way it makes him feel. Also why not explaining this being a reason, he lived in a very rural area...not much to do. A lot of people who live in rural areas try drugs out of boredom and get addicted. Bingo. Not digging her with short hair. View all replies >