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Just saw it... spoiler Watching old interviews of Judy... Finally saw it .. Syfy new years Eve Marathon 2023 Last 5 Did Melinda have Asberger's? I'm a democrat and liked this film. What's up with this version? He has a TikTok channel View all posts >


Yeah, overall I think they did try to blur the real world political lines...which is why you saw this from a conservative view, and I a liberal view..when you think about it, it's genius. 3 of the things the fictional president in the film did that trump did or said he would do. 1. Disband the FBI 2. Label the media and the free press as enemy number 1. 3. Run for a 3rd term. Siskel and eabert got nothing on me 🤭 I just re-read it in my head, with the dramatic music. 😂 Yup. I will check that out. I didn't like ben Stiller in reality bites. He was too serious...glad he found his nitch in goofball comedic roles. His acting in heavyweights the following year. That was the beginning of his stardom. I'm at the scene where Billy just got into the tub and he still has his whitey tighties on and told Layla she can come in BUT DONT LOOK Nahhh it would lose that small town vibe. This wasn't set in was set in present day, 98 or so... probably 96 because the mom references the birth of Billy in 66 as the reason why the bills haven't won anything since (for the last 30 years)... because of his birth, she missed the game. And that's why she hates Billy. Guilty conscience? 🤔 View all replies >