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Anyone ever read their spam ? Congrats froggyandtoadie2 🥃 Anyone else getting ads on this site for... Who’s favorite game is monopoly Flamin hot cheetos Shogun Iced tea or ice tea ? Replaced the battery in my car. Favorite Rock or rock star Favorite country and country song View all posts >


I might not agree Awesome o You caught the ball ? Wanna play for the giants ? We could use a guy like you. I have an Eli jersey . I’m gonna put it on and pretend I’m him. Then throw a football at your face! Hard ! Hey you leave Eli out of this! He’s done nothing but good things for New York ! It was just over used for commercials and grads and reunions and Seinfeld finals Lot of great songs on nimrod . I’m excluding time of your life cause that doesn’t count for anything Great great ! Actually had it on tape ! If you know what that is Oh you just love roger don’t you You wanted to save a few extra pennies ? View all replies >