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Asshole Who was dumber? What’s the best Judd Apatow produced movie? Anyone met him in real life? If I see one more liberty mutual ad... Underrated View all posts >


Not a movie but the NES game The Cheetahmen was supposed to be the next Ninja Turtles, it was a broken game you could practically cheat your way through entirely. Danny DeVito 5. Toy Story (1995) — Sid had no idea the toys he was torturing were actually alive Seth Rogen Did you not read everything else in this thread Over Powered Honestly the Wet Bandits were so OP it’s not even funny 7. A Dog’s Purpose Nah your crazy... Key and Peele was pretty great. It was no Chappelle’s Show but it was damn funny. But I did not like this movie as much as I liked Get Out so his next movie might be bad, who knows I kinda like Wrecked (as I’m a WKUK fan and wanted to see Zach in something new) but didn’t like that one dude that kinda acted like a ripoff Zach Galifianakis View all replies >