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Great stuff there. I've seen so many guitar covers LOL. So many interviews, of people I hate, people I love, people that I've never heard of. etc Dick Cavett's audio book is pretty good too. Next year will be worse. Did Trump and Kim climb up into your ass or something? It does appppppear so. Peter Dinklage(Tyrion Lannister) waking up and rolling over and hugging The Rock(Dwayne Johnson) and saying, "Honey, I had the strangest dream". Camera pans to The Rock's face. The Rock says, "Who The Fuck are YOU"????? Then he says, Just kidding, let's cuddle. ................ Did I win the Blue Ribbon. That time is over. The DNC is the Communist Party of America now. I've watched this 20 times or more... Game of Thrones Season 8 Pitch Meeting - From Screen Rant American presidents not named Trump love invading middle east countries. Your title is a logical fallacy. Nothing is racist if you are black. Everything is racist if you are white. Maple Syrup. I got nothing. Free Stuff! He is/was a standup comic. Not a great one. However, there are some old vids on YT of him talking with hecklers that are pretty good. Another one was when some crazy feminist was mad at him in a parking lot. LOL. You got it all wrong. Over here us dumbass Americans call "a weeks time", 27 minutes. It's kind of a culture thing or maybe something buried in our retarded language. Not sure. Hope this helps. Calm down. That number would have been 6,000 if the vaccines didn't exist. OP, World War I is fascinating, check it out. At the moment I am all over the place with outdoor and camping and bushcraft. Also musical channels, piano and guitar and some orchestra. SO MUCH. I am guessing that the media will forgive him. Does he live in CA? Any rich guy who gets married in CA is braindead. Destroying the Republic is not growing a pair.