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Just listened to a podcast about how shady this show is Boobs in the end credits Who posts these movies? Yes he is Lights on the steps of the library Just an awful actress I can't stand him Just saw a cop trip You know your franchise is in trouble when... Funeral question View all posts >


If your going to use a term like "parasite", it much more closely describes people who DON'T earn much money, but expect the same things as people that most liberals seem to think it should be for some reason. He was real, but his reported actions were fictionalized. Digital copies still have all of the extras on a lot of movies. There will always need to be a reason to encourage people to buy a format for the premium version. Ummmm, the previous 2 FF movies were pure garbage. It was absolute crap They aren't having it even touch the movie. They know its pure shit,so starting with a clean slate. Just like the bloody captain America cards, he'll lie to stremgthen his point. Lol, it's like you didn't want to reply to my points, so you went in your own direction. How is anything you just said a reply to my comments? I assure you he isn't considered a war hero across the globe in countries that he CONSTANTLY voted that we go to war with. They were desperate, and thought an old white guy with a military background coupled with a younger female running mate could appeal to the older base voter and attract a more youthful, progressive voter. Obviously,they were wrong, but the dems were besting the "first black president" drum really hard and it worked. McCain was definitely a warmonger,and said WAY more racist things than Trump ever did, so current criticism is valid. Lined up doesn't usually mean a lot in Hollywood, but being a member of the Marvel team is like having a golden ticket, or so it would seem. I don't think she'd have a particularly long career if it weren't for Marvel, but she's in the door for sure. Time will tell, but it seems like most younger Hollywood actors and actresses seem to have much shorter career spans these days anyway. View all replies >