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Still great, but clumsy at times Sorry about the light beer.. Does Jon want us to think he's tough? One scene perfectly captures what is wrong with today's youth Why cover up Sam Rockwell's tattoo? I hate her as Governor Hans wife death? AMC theaters will no longer show ANY Universal movies! Her refusal to listen was impractical Would have worked better as a horror movie. View all posts >


This is what's great about America. Stupid people can have opinions too, just like this one! Lol, good one.🤣 I somewhat agree, but we need to get information from somewhere. I don't trust any of them. Tucker is pretty fair. He doesn't deny he's a republican, but he openly condemns his parties actions when appropriate. If you think he's bias, you probably have lefty learnings,because he's fairly centrist. How can you guarantee who's votes show up and who's don't? You are taking a vote and trusting it to go through many additional individuals, multiple stops, travel possibly hundreds of miles, and you can't see the potential for irregularities? What if you have a lefty mailman in a predominantly republic voting district, and he just decided to destroy the votes rather than deliver them? Just one example of dozens on how someone could manipulate this. But he refused to stay on his meds, and he knew too much. He could never be trusted again. Curly Bill going crazy after he smokes opium is always good for a laugh too. He rarely plays a role so cowardly either. I think that's a lot of it You just blew my mind. I watched it yesterday, and it never crossed my mind it was him. Of course he did, for one dollar. View all replies >