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The Brothers are going to ruin this asshat Better than Black Panther and Thor 2 I'll drop it! I just don't understand the love? Feels like a lot of filler What if it all actually happened... Is nobody watching this? A tragic death should not give you a pass on a troubled life Bookies know best One of the most listened to people in the world View all posts >


Tell us who! I always call out the snitchy bitches. That's funny, because he's polling very strong. Remember all of you crybaby lefties, just because YOU don't like Trump, doesn't mean America doesn't like Trump. The man did win the election after all. As much as that makes your little backside hurt, it's still true. 64 on RT seems decent for a movie like this. The promo poster strikes me as something that would be a play poster more than a movie poster, which this originally was. Someone needs to explain to her, that isn't rape. What she's describing is regret, which I don't think would exist if she'd become a star. They are whores, because they knew they were fucking him for money and employment. Funny how none of them that still have active careers say anything about it. Only has been or never was actresses are bitching. AOC is young and dumb, like most young people. It's not even a slam, but wisdom comes with experience, and she doesn't have enough yet. I don't think anyone can objectively think otherwise. I was 1 year out of high school at that point, so I wasn't catching it too much then. It could be Gate you're thinking of. I think only being able to see them on Saturday nights was what made them so special. I remember waiting for my parents to go to bed so I could watch without worrying they wouldn't approve. Correct answer View all replies >