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It will do well overseas. The left is so steeped in it's hate, they don't see it's just petulant and childish at this point. Still clinging to a Russian conspiracy so they have something to insult Trump over, despite evidence showing there was nothing all along. Sad is exactly the right way to describe them. You get it. They weren't refusing service, just refusing to use their skills to project a message they had a moral issue with. How many cake shops would make a cake that looked like a sacrificed baby that read "hail Satan"? Michael looking at Toby during his exit interview, hiding his mouth while mouthing the words "I'll kill you". Brings me to tears every time. Chompy McBitey? Please, please, PLEASE let her run against Trump in two years. It will be the best election ever as he owns her ass over and over again. And also the investigation was illegally done,or at least certainly done against policy,but the Democrats are willing to do what they have to, because they can't win while following the rules,and they know it. Someone reported me for saying "moron"... 6 months later. Snowflakes are fragile creatures. Do you think it has significantly impacted the traffic to IMDB? I almost never go there after they killed the message boards. View all replies >