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The sadness of what CNN has become Joe Biden vs Trump is going to be a f**king riot! Best Christmas horror ever? Let's start a list of successful female action movies that Elizabeth forgot about when blaming sexism... First 2 episodes of season 4 It's November 13th in Michigan, and it's 9°... I just got back from missionary work in Africa Is this show the TV equivalent of Facebook? Will this be a Gemini Man level bomb or... Hillary Clinton blames Mark Zuckerberg for her loss View all posts >


How is that out of context? It's her mom's book, and that's a quote. It was her talking about how she knew she was special at an early age. Sorry, this was a literal statement that they know sounds ignorant as fuck, hence the backpedaling. Awwwe, you skipped a couple. Is it possible they are exploiting a situation just for ratings? Did you see anything he did that warranted his removal? I'm with you. I truly believe they are destroying this man for ratings. How hard would it be to convince a crew member to be offended by some innocent pat on the back or something? I also think they did it to appease the metoo crowd that was bitching about him staying. He'll, we don't even know what happened, and the ambiguity makes it even more scandalous. It's funny how little Jeff made of the girls making up things he did, just for strategy. I hope Dan sues the shit out of them. The reality is, sometimes someone can be offended, even if nobody did anything wrong. I legit feel bad for her, like any kid who gets a heavy spotlight at her age. The light usually doesn't last long and it stings when they are no longer special, and the people who have exploited her are to blame. That's called backpedaling, because when you read what her mom wrote, she's clearly talking about vapor of some kind caused by heat, which can be seen. Greta said that because she realized how dumb it sounds. Here is the quote from her mom's book, that isn't a metaphor. “She can see carbon dioxide with the naked eye. She sees how it flows out of chimneys and changes the atmosphere in a landfill.” That isn't my quote ...a needle pulling thread🎵... Very sound logic, and well put. See ya, whoever you were! View all replies >