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I guess hate crimes against whites don't matter? A great comedian that can't act I truly hope every liberal follows her lead Why is anyone surprised that some people are reluctant to get the Covid vaccine? More liberal hypocrisy from Michigan Governor Whitmer Ugly as fuck It will underperform What movie is actually the worst made? Reboot? Ostrich eggs View all posts >


😆😅😂🤣😘 🤣😅😂 It says more about you that you feel "fundamental" is a big word meant to impress.🤣 Go back to school child, and learn what big words really are. Classic A lot of chicks like having their salad tossed. I can personally attest to this. Actually, it shows your fundamental lack of understanding politics that you think she has a shot. I'm sure the left will somehow blame Trump. They like his name in their mouth. Few are anti trans,but they are pro facts, and its a fact that Ellen is a chick, not a dude. Liberals just label anyone who doesn't agree with the way they think as "anti", when in reality it's usually simply an alternative perspective. She's a woman. Despite the evidence that she lied, all that was required was for her to say a white man was bad, and she knew that liberal Hollywood would have her back regardless. Yes, believing bad science, following the crowd like sheep and ignoring obvious facts is very much a liberal or "left" thing. View all replies >