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Who masturbated to this movie? Anyone want a good laugh? Gab is the social platform of free speech Black and a woman Let us not forget the liberal hypocrisy around protesting Hey Chris... hypocrite much? The subway train shooting...3 white businessman? Detroit Lions lose to refs more often than not "Dog faced pony soldier"... Actors with the highest percentage of hits? View all posts >


Gina is a butterface to me The biggest reason was to predate the Justice League to explain their lack of involvement. Naw, I don't reply to you because you're an uninteresting hypocritical douchebag who over posts without offering anything worthwhile, with your caps lock on like a total fuckface. Too bad Its well known in the DC circle that Joe can't actually get it up anymore, so the idea that he could actually shoot his load on a corpse is pretty far fetched. 🤣 Well done. I saw Tiffany on a show on MTV called Deliciousness, that was a spin-off of ridiculousness. She is in great shape, but i definitely don't think she's hot anymore, she just didn't age in a favorable way. Yeah, I hate the plastic girls of today. Damn i loved her. I still think shes hot, but Tiffany is much more my type. I think elizabeth looked more like a professional stage dancer, nit si much the exotic type. But, although strip clubs were never really my thing, I've been to a few, and you'll see all types working the pole. I think Biden would have walked in and executed everyone in the room, and then jerked off on their corpse while working his ass with a dildo. See how stupid it sounds to play the "what if" game? View all replies >