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I thought the handicap kid was a dick I'll see it regardless of reviews I'll be honest, I just saw the trailer... Not over yet Probably my last season The power of playing the race card... Apprentice after his second term? If Vibranium absorbs energy... Pathetic Nose job after Action Jackson? View all posts >

Replies 2024. K Because they allow her to get away with illegal activities because she is part of the deep state. That's how everyone knows. Direction, acting, writing...all shit. Do you really know comic movie fans who wear onesies and drink Cocoa,or are you just doing some subtle trolling? The equivalence is offensive to fans of the genre,and that's why you're getting the replies that you are. Whatever interest your husband has, I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate the implication that it's only for crotchety old men with sticks up their asses. Mark is kind of a douche who isn't much of an actor outside of this role. He's a decent voice actor, but he has let the iconic franchise and role he played go to his head. Just because a bunch of sweaty fanboys think you're God, doesn't actually make it true. He can't hide from the IRS, why is it anyone else's business what his taxes are? Lady in the water is garbage, but I mostly agree. His movies are almost always entertaining, even if they aren't all masterpieces. For? Lol, she's not the biggest singer in the world,and she will burn out soon enough. I'll give you one thing, she's gone a lot further than I would have expected. View all replies >