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Did the news lie about all of those shootings under Obama, or are you just so bitter at the bad orange man that it has affected your memory? What active shooters have made an open, public declaration before doing it? Maybe they mentioned it to a couple people, but I can't think of any who put it all out there beforehand. She's definitely an inspiration to unthinking sheep, but certainly not everyone. The refs must have had big stakes on this game, because they did everything in their power to make sure the Packers won. Oh, I'd bang them all, just to say I did. I'd like to have sex with Gabbard first. Lol, if you think about it, being mellow dramatic would mean you were pretty chill. Lol, yes they are. Uh huh, sounds very believable. And we don't see her face in that shot, so it's probably a body double. View all replies >