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LOL So many reviewers and folks in movie forums keep calling Thanos "sociopathic" and/or "psychotic." As someone who has a master's degree in clinical psychology and 5+ years of field experience, I just can't help but briefly explore these assertions. First, there is no real evidence to support a diagnosis of sociopathy, aka antisocial personality disorder. A key characteristic of this disorder is a disconnect from others and/or an inability to experience empathy. This was absolutely not true of Thanos. If it were true, he wouldn't have been able to obtain the soul stone, which required a sacrifice of that which he loved, and it brought him genuine anguish to make that sacrifice. He also displayed empathy and respect toward others multiple times throughout the film and demonstrated a relatively significant capacity to engage in self-reflection. These are generally not common attributes of those with antisocial personality disorder. Second, I saw no real evidence to support the idea that Thanos is psychotic. No indicators of responding to intrusive internal stimuli. No evidence of hallucinations. No signs of psychosis. You could perhaps argue that he has delusional beliefs. He believes that the universe needs balance in order for life to survive. He has evidence to support this belief in the form of a bad outcome that happened on his home planet, resulting in the unnecessary loss of countless lives. So his position is grounded in lived experience and he's definitely genuinely emotionally committed to it, but the flaw is he is using a fallacy in reasoning to justify his emotional generalization (based on his singular experience, ALL outcomes in the universe will be the same unless HE does something preemptively). The problem is this is EXTREMELY common and most of us do it. Experience and emotion are very powerful motivators. There is hope for Thanos, but I think it would likely require quite a bit of therapy. #TeamThanos Agreed. I actually watched the whole thing and it was a disjointed mess. A true disgrace compared to the other 2 films. Felt like the director was just trolling the audience with a laughable parody of a true Jeepers Creepers movie. View all replies >