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Was Grace Kelly ever more ravishing? The sequence leading up to the actual Manson murders gave me serious creeps. Who did what re. the Season 2 assault? Beyond dated. Just embarrassing. Best performances Are Burry & Baum on the spectrum? Script hole in season 4? Why dilute the detective story with the personal relationship plotlines? Surviving cast members View all posts >


Funny to see this post. I just saw this movie tonight. There was a guy in the theatre sitting alone, making comments aloud on the film and laughing very loudly at odd moments. It was strange. At one point I went to the bathroom. No one else was there. Then he came in after me, didn't use the facilities, just stood there and kept saying, "This movie! What a movie!" and then left. That was more than odd - it was a bit scary. If he "raped" her, why was she singing & smiling in bed the next morning. Instead of caving into the current "rape culture" trope, try watch that whole scene again, or reading Margaret Mitchell's book. You'll see there was no rape. "Why is the show called 'Rake'? " God, you're an idiot. What a stupid question. That's like asking "Why didn't Flora Robson reprise [sic] her role as Elizabeth the First?" in the Virgin Queen. Oh please. So hypocritical of those criticizing the ending for being "violent towards women" when they've no objection to the violence done to the men. Sexists. They cleared out the shantytown. Why do you think they were "shooting up the whole woods"? "How does Roman Polanski fall into the mix" of a story in which Sharon Tate is a major character? Are you really that ignorant? "There is no room for ethics in film"? What does that mean? That all films are unethical? LOL! Mentor? LOL! Ayers was never Obama's "mentor". Where do you get that crap? They happened to sit togetheron the same board, the Woods Fund of Chicago, for all of 3 years. The Republicans tried to make hay with that during the '08 campaign and it rightly went nowhere. View all replies >