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Why does DeCourcy takes so much shit? Question about Koresh Was Grace Kelly ever more ravishing? The sequence leading up to the actual Manson murders gave me serious creeps. Who did what re. the Season 2 assault? Beyond dated. Just embarrassing. Best performances Are Burry & Baum on the spectrum? Script hole in season 4? Why dilute the detective story with the personal relationship plotlines? View all posts >


Long_Ball_Larry seems to have given up on his argument. "Take a walk Les! Get some coffee and don't come back!...Hey Bob! HEY BOB! Could ya make a little noise on the fucking dolly? You creaky motherfucker!!!" I almost died laughing! No. Neither does the novel. Rhett was a gambler and speculator, so he'd have no need. One can only howl at someone who asks "Should I watch this?" They can't even make a simple decision to watch a movie they're interested in. LOL! All seasons on Amazon Prime. LOL! "Yes, the characters' [sic] failure to speak properly..." ROTFLMFAO!!! LOL! You’re projecting an explanation onto the script by inventing motivations that aren’t substantiated. If Hollis hadn’t shown up that day, his secretary would’ve simply said, “He’s not in today” – not that he’d been gone since lunch. LOL! You are such a clown! There's nothing in the script to support that. We know Hollis isn't there. So how is his secretary's letting Gittes know Hollis is at lunch "telling him off"? I'm sure you'll feel compelled to come back with more of your bullshit. Fire away. You're being ignored. View all replies >