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The ending was confusing Whole movie was a lie This movie helped me confirm on not wanting kids. Garbage First episode wasn't bad or great but GOOD. This movie is how to become your own worst enemy. So...Taylor? Thats it? Season 19 ep 08 "intent" (somewhat spoiler?) View all posts >


You've made so many negative post here in the shortest amount of time. Nobody should take you serious. "yo"...relax white male from the suburbs. "i dont care what your opinion is" lmao you made so many people stop caring about your pathetic post right about here. I highly doubt he knows. Actual news was...that Crawford was a pain in the ass to work with. Even the directors stated it. This didn't age well. Clearly the director hated how Crawford was behind the scenes. Including others. Trashy post made me log in just to say... K Straight to DVD lol...when majority of population says its a pretty good movie. Well it didnt Director is a damn good liar. Fugazy was used in the urban community in the early to late 90s. Calling fake developed clothing fugazy or jewelry. View all replies >