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Hahaha! You have no idea how careful I usually am with spelling and grammar. I’m going to correct that right now. 😁 I wonder is that’s the case after all. Maybe Nick was possessed by a demon and murdered them or has a split personality, and either way doesn’t remember doing it? I did consider that if there is grace left in Nick that Jack could possibly receive it. Then again, the writers may leave it where Jack is just 100% human and has to learn to live as such. At any rate, what Nick does to his neighbor in the previews is definitely not the actions of a man in total control of himself. I agree there is (at least) definitely some residual Lucifer left. I’m curious as to exactly who Nick’s neighbor saw the night of the murders, why he recanted, and what will come of that, as well. (Or if it’s even relevant at this point.) Susie’s body was the only one in the safe. I realize this thread is a year old, but I just recently started watching “Parenthood” on Netflix. Not only do I dislike Kristina, but I think her and Adam’s kids are whiny spoiled brats. I rarely enjoy their scenes. I do think actors/actresses are often picked for their sexual appeal as opposed to their talent. Eye candy sells, and a lot of people (me excluded) don’t care if the acting is good so much as they want to ogle physically attractive celebrities. Just my opinion. Yeah, and he obviously was pissed off at having to track down his stepsister. I love all the kids (Steve, Jonathan, Nancy included), and Winona as Joyce is great, but I’m partial to Jim Hopper. He’s a genuine mix of really-cares-meets-rough-around-the-edges. There’s just something about him. Bob was awesome! He would’ve been the perfect stepdad. He tried so hard and really wanted to be part of their family. Wish my stepfather had been a “Bob the Brain”. Great character. 👍🏻 View all replies >